Tuesday, December 27, 2011

happy ho ho and other stuff

Holiday Left over Turkey & Mushroom Vindaloo. "Animal Man's Lovely Guide to Indian Cooking.... Not Kidding!" Cookbook coming to FU merch tables/web store in 2012 near you. Hope everyone had a good one.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Youngest Guv

I just shaved, look how young I look!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011


so we got the cover of MRR today and they voted Police 7" the best thing since Red Lobster. also here's the turn the season video. the best song on DCTL next to Queen of Hearts. Wrapping up another end to a good year in our world over here. Looking forward to 2012.. Today is also the last show of theFoo fighters tour. It has been a nice vacation, and if it wasn't for Pumping Iron (the movie) and the gyms in the hotels, I would look like Danny Devito by now (meaning: the catering was excellent and by god did we partake). Thanks for Ryan Gavel for coming along and bringing the laughs. Back to reality.. Merry xmas.. Welcome home Matty D.

thanks to all in the video who don't really benefit from being in it at all, yet still devoted their entire night to making this happen. Hope you enjoyed the free Roti.

Darlings news in 2012. Toronto, Brooklyn, NJ, Philly. Get ready!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

pizza face order

Hey, remember this record? it was a lathe on scotch tapes. it was supposed to come out on a real record but Al from scotch tapes apparently got into a freak accident on his fishing boat and cant look at a computer screen without having a seizure. I hope this isn't true, but if it is that is awful and I hope he is ok. Good guy. Anyways - the record is coming out on SP records in Japan. My girlfriend had to endure a hot pizza on her face, so basically this is my abusive nike child labouresque effort. Support it.

Also check out these amazing Darlings single life reviews.. 1 .. 2..

if you aren;t fluent in japanese like me, heres the translation:

"Darling's Marvelous. They are greeted by a storm of praise even look at blogs and / Which record. Everything is perfect beyond perfect masterpieces until the end of 16 seconds to 2 minutes of superb intro I # I was charmed in a short period at 1 I Don't Wanna Go To The Party, released the record so far only school I had a CD that will not get the sound continued every day ...

It is a book that is a single CD collection there. Jacket is a nipple hair, outrageous Korya bomb! Upcoming release of the CD have been added a lot of demos from Toka something Deranged Records, and I understand that, get stabbed in the Japanese edition of Innovation from SP Records What can not wait for no such device Tsu. I use very cheap.

This band, no peace What is amazing what smart in a good way, like a hell of a momentum that comes with the dark. Kolya's so powerful live. Team play is not particularly technical sense (and I Makutsu crisp guitar), but drives like a sense of dreadfulness example tear off chunks and is playing down Guigui! Together in neat or not, I increased the weirdness I also leading to a wild sound. And it just courage but a sound, catchy melodies remain firmly remain. This singer, not ordinary person!

It's the dark is not such a barrage 16. Choi and exhausting to hear about succession. It would be a good arrangement hear two songs each in a single kit.

But as Segond Bakkari music vocabulary arranged in the first half of the course ... A side single, the beautiful melody and energy antagonized # 3 Teenage Targets, with medium heat booming spree # Tamaranu including 7 Shoot The Piano Player. The rest is a group song B-side, like to compete with vocal drone guitar pretend Oh # 9 Careerist, die to expand by changing the rhythm and pattern Twirl, cute but a roar # to thoroughly around 16 Terminally Ill Yarra was. The longer I give up.

Release name The name of the night! But no, the group can make all this music, eh can even exceed these songs yet, they have high expectations Tteiu horror. You would love to hear the sound of their albums in full size built someday.

"Back and forth rhythm of tension and relaxation and a hard drive, sparkling melodies and absorbing the country programs. When hot, the expressiveness of painful shout at Ben Cook. The euphoria they are born together, somehow I knew I would have already.

The 1st A-side boasted a strong impact "I Don't Wanna Go To The Party", is too cool to have an ultra-vulgar shouts Ben Cook's "The Swords, The Streets", with tears Chocho Kirakkira intro and the last shout Gireru "Teenage Targets", like a great intro hints at the beginning of something "I'll Stand By Her", and the rust is too cool for guitar sharp tension "Careerist", yet passionate and smart cool glow "I Want My Brand" I do not have a drill and put out to enumerate, and the excitement of rock and roll me Buchikamashi every song. One unwanted songs, no, you can say all the songs are masterpieces.

The order of the songs are well-conceived with it. The mobo only a single depth, feeling and enthusiasm that love of music listeners to enjoy.
This price is 800 yen and a conscience! DERANGED RECORDS and BURGER RECORDS, thank you and Mr. SP RECORDS in Japan!

I have long said, there is a particular pleasure just waiting sound.
The single family! Determined heirloom!"

More news soon..

Thursday, November 10, 2011

darlings compilation stream

hey exclaim.com aka josiah is streaming the singles comp from da darlings HERE

direct link to soundcoud is HERE

the entire thing..

Thursday, October 27, 2011


starts shipping tomorrow..
did you order one?

Sunday, October 23, 2011



(no joke)

Monday, October 17, 2011


on sale at thee oh sees/guv gig this friday in toronto
will probably throw some up in the webstore eventually cuz.. well.. you know..



Thursday, September 29, 2011


gettin' fresh with sandy miranda...

Fucked Up - Do You Feed from Lance Ludwig on Vimeo.

Friday, September 23, 2011


ALSO... MARVY DARLINGS SINGLES COMPILATION FIRST VERSION IS ON CASSETTE (on Burger Records)!!! Out Now. 16 songs. A sides and B sides.
The LP & cd (cd version has tons of bonus demos and cool stuff) will be on Deranged Records soon, then another version of the CD will be released in Japan on SP RECORDS..


Here's a few txts convos's with marvelous mark regarding a) the compilation and what it would be called, and b) a random txt where he says "zoomed by"

heres one from moscow this summer through the peep hole where we were partying and 6 russian cops showed up and took out promoters from Vice to jail
heres a couple of "sluts" i hooked up with in swedendo you wanna go for a curry with me?
(music video posted very soon starring Animal Man & Red Stockings)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hey yo. New 10" is about to drop. 4 songs. Good label. Naked cover (kinda). There's a stream of the title track as well. A few of these songs features some of The Scuzz members, which people will be hearing from more and more of now on my records. Best players in Toronto.

Young Governor - Where It's Quiet by 12XUAustin

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

army g's

army girls record came out. on blocks (they released FU'S Year of the DOGGGGG). check it out here.
local paper said some nice things. i like recording people. new guv produced stuff other band stuff in the pipe line..

happy birthday grandma ("MSC" comment section super star)


Friday, September 16, 2011



Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Friday October 21, 2011




+ 1 TBA

9PM - 19+

$16 advance tickets @ Rotate This & Soundscapes
available now at Ticketweb: http://www.ticketweb.ca/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3912135

The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern
370 Queen Street West - Toronto

Facebook event here.

A Guv 10" called "Where it's quiet" is coming out on Gerard's label, 12xU from Austin Tejes.
It has a sexy cover. It features most of the Scuzz band, which will bring us to the next release which may or may not be a full length LP, full band, big studio vibes.. Not recorded in a practice space, basement, or my bedroom.. Ie.. THE NEXT LEVEL. Working on it now. haha.

And something a lot of people have probably been waiting for... A Marvelous Darlings singles compilation release. In ALL formats. First it will be a cassette. Then an LP. Then a CD (with bonus stuff like all the songs we recorded with a drum machine as demos.. which actually sound amazing). And also a release in Japan because i want a release with all Japanese writing on it. More on that .. very soon. 16 songs, singles with b sides with a cool layout of marvelous Mark NAKED... I listened to them all back to back for the first time after compiling these and I must say.. That was a damn fine band.

Forza Mancini. Skinhead.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011



amazing nipples


in other news the OTHER SHOE by fucked up music video premiered today. it features a lot of people walking around in clothes that were supplied by a ward drobe stylist (except mine) in hopes to make us look 70's british but mike ended up in stone washed diesels, jonah looked the same, damian had a black t shirt on, and josh looks like ice age (styled by me). i personally was walking in hopes of finding kombucha. click here for deleted scenes and outtakes.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011


Dear America - now, i know your country's economy is in ruins and you are all fat (I would say its a fair guess to assume the two are somehow related) but please don't take it out on my webstore's shipping prices. Because I am nice and I feel bad for you (and I appreciate the support*), I have lowered my shipping prices a dollar per each extra 7" you order. It's pretty pricey to ship from Canada please know this, but that should make people a bit happier and I've been getting a few emails about it recently so I have fixed the problem. Thanks* for buying.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

cassette comp first 3 live bootleg

hey, Hose head Records from toronto put the first 3 guv singles on a cassette with a live bootleg of the young guv & scuzz set from our show on a boat this summer. limited to 150. check it out if yer into tapes!



birdman of The SCuzz with Adam Johnson. GOD.
you cant see it in the picture. but they are doing this.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Support Razorcake. That Todd is a hell of a guy.

America's first and only
non-profit punk music zine, razorcake.org.

Just did a session at a very professional studio with the scuzz folk. It's next level stuff, and def bigger and better sounding than my bedroom. We got a great deal up there via Steve (god), so I had to be quick and wrote 6 songs in a week, taught it to the highly skilled best players in Toronto (scuzz) and we recorded it all in one day. Get ready.

these dudes are gods

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hey dudes. So as many people know I record other bands when I am not on tour. I don't have very good gear (maybe one day I will), but I know how to use what I have and I'm also big on mixing so I try my very best for bands that want to work with me. A few months ago a couple classy folks from the west end of Toronto, who I guess are kind of a part of that whole Stelmanis/Austra/Pizza Libretto thing going on out there, came to my studio and we recorded some singles for their project ARMY GIRLS. Carmen is a great singer, and guitar player and they basically did all this in one take and it was super easy and not annoying. The song writing is spot on, and feels very honest to me. Check them out. They just put up "The Power" on their soundbook.


Also the song i wrote with Anthony/Actual Water is coming out as a single on Plastic Idol pretty soon. We did the photo shoot for the 7" cover and it looks something like this, except better and more expertly shot by D Nemet.. fookin Tassssty. Sink your teeth into an Actual Priest burger! 10 x 10 !

Thursday, June 30, 2011


No Warning played a lot of random shows. We toured the US a bunch of times, but only on our "hardcore" record like once and only got as far as Chicago or something and then we left our van in an alley and took the bus home. I funded the whole band with my acting money for the first bunch of years. When we got signed, the rest were these hellishly empty tours with bad metal bands, random screamo bands, and random nu metal bands. Looking back these shows were terrible but the times provided some amazing memories and insane stories. The things you get up to on an empty tour with nothing to do, and not much to worry about. We had no idea what we were doing and just went with it all. One day maybe I'll write it all down. All the sides of the musical world I have seen from being signed to Linkin Park's label/Warner Bros and touring many places with a bunch of psychos, to being in Fucked Up the ultra indie hardcore band touring the world with a whole different breed of psychos. I just did a big interview with Razorcake Magazine that will come out soon. It covers everything I have ever done, and what I think about it all.. Needless to say, the interviewer did his research. It's decent. Here's some photos of a weird time, but a good one. Thanks to Robin. NWC.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

late records

hey id just like to apologize to the people that are still awaiting records from my webstore. due to busy fu schedule, and then a canadian postal works strike some people have been waiting quite a while now. I will be sending everything off when i get home from my current tour (starting tomorrow) in the beginning of july. once again, sorry about that!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Here's a treat from some guy that does cool live bootleg recordings. From the Boat Cruise a couple days ago.
It's a good idea. More people should do it.
Click the dick.

This is his website.

Also here's a review in torontos new local paper, The Grid. It covers cool bands like the ones I am in, and also has articles about martinis and stuff like how its not hard to be a gay person in 2011 and the stuggle is over (Did that article stir some shit, or what? That was a bit off the mark.. no? )....anyways.. in othhhher news..

Oh and someone handed me that hat, so i wore it. I wouldnt have been so obvious with my fashion choices to show up with a sailors hat on a boat. Instead I sported a paper thin Hawaiian from ORILLIA!! . Bernie, and Mj Fox were both mentioned a few times that day. Huge compliments in my mind. Thank you. Later.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

man overboard

This NXNE Guv & The Scuzz set sail for Hawaii on a Mariposa Cruise Liner filled with the beautiful rich and famous, and one very out of place tattooed Bulgarian street kid. He was promptly thrown overboard like a dead rat (but sadly not before the hungry sailors had their way with his boyish body). The boat only made it to Etobicoke (pronouced: 'eatabigcock') before having to turn back due to Biddle being caught with Moonshine in a Gwar flask that he traded for homegrown mary jane to some Scarborouh Hill Billy named Frodo or something. I got caught twice sneaking on ganja, they even checked my shoes. I hid it in a flower pot by the sobeys and got it later. It wasn't even mine! That shit makes me freaky. So much for helping people. I'd like to thank Captain Pooni for teaching me Poonjabi (foody="vagina"),and Ewan for having a piece of white crust at the side of his mouth the whole time. Also for wearing a black motorhead shirt on a 5 hour boat cruise in the beating down sun. Three cheers for the pale and Irish. People bootlegged Guvnor sets this weekend, so maybe they'll get posted if people are interested in collecting soundbytes. I wont post them unless they are cool like all those Replacements live sets i downloaded once and deleted instantly.
Talk later.

Next weeK:
Fucked Up are off again.. Be there.

Thu 23 Jun - New York, NY @ Terminal 5 with Dinosaur Jr, OFF! Fri 24 Jun - Boston, MA @ Royale Sun 26 Jun - Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church Mon 27 Jun - Washington, DC @ Rock and Roll Hotel Tue 28 Jun - Raleigh, NC @ King's Barcade Wed 29 Jun - Atlanta, GA @ The Earl Thu 30 Jun - Nashville, TN @ Exit/In Fri 01 Jul - St. Louis, MO @ Firebird Sat 02 Jul - Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall Sun 03 Jul - London, ON @ Call the Office

photo credit: MUM

Wednesday, June 8, 2011







(dont do it unless you actually are going to come).

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


this is happening on friday of nxne.. facebook event here
i just finished recording Actual Water's debut 7" "SHES A PRIEST". I wrote the song with Anthony from the band, and sing on it as well. The b side is good too! Plastic Idol (da best) will be putting it out this summer. More info later..

also on the saturday (18th) afternoon we (young guv and scuzzie wuzzies) will be playing another free show with Ty Segall on a huge boat in the Toronto Harbour. BIG PARTY. More info on that later.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


wad up wienershnitzels, i just got back from the beach. ya, thats right. we have one in Toronto. It's where I go when "hipster beach" isn't open (it'll be open soon, so get ready for me to flex on you rival Rocker Gang!!!). Anyways - we are having a release shin dig next Monday night to celebrate the release of DCTL by FU. I am sure most people have it already cuz they pre ordered now get early or whatever, I haven't seen the record yet but I assume it looks awesome. Someone on the b9 board (it got fwrded to me, I do not read those retards talking to each other helz no) was hating on "TURN THE SEASON". Uhhhh.. Hellllllllloooooo... its the best song.. Duh!!

Everyone should come out and have free beer and buy the LP in person with us at midnight on the 7th. Its at a cool gallery in Toronto. I wrote a stupid facebook thing already so I don't want to talk about it anymore really. Go HERE to rsvp.

We will be playing the record at the party on this stereo I just bought from Walmar cuz it makes my back ups sound extra Linkin Park'ish:
If that rival Rocker Gang shows up, I will be FLEXING ON THEM

We land in Toronto (YYZ) from Austin (hippie) like 2 hours before we open up shop that night, so hopefully this doesn't happen (right micheal? )

holy shit!! thats a huge snake

Sunday, May 29, 2011



Ok, here's the deal. I haven't posted anything in a while because there hasn't been all that much Guvnor record stuff going on. It's slowed down a little this year so far cuz I've been working on the scuzz thing, and getting it going for live shows. Which is working out amazingly by the way. Jonah was supposed to record the first gig and we were going to release it but he forgot so it'll happen at the next one. I already have the layout designed, thats how prepared I am ! A weird old man filmed the show, but nothing has surfaced. If you are listening guy with a giant camera please get in touch. Also Fu's new LP "david comes to life" drops next week, and a 70 minute 16 song musical can keep one pretty busy. I've even done a bunch of interviews even though I don't usually do that for Fucked up, and I also don't even know what the record is about. Jk. I have a rough idea. Talking isn't really my thing. Neither is blogging. It works out though because Damian and Mike are good at both. Anyways - A few Guv records back in the works. Everyone will like it. I am playing at the Hard Luck bar in Toronto on July 15th (more info soon). This blog sucks now eh? It'll bounce back. No worries.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011


this show did not!
guv & scuzz live DEBUT!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

cool toronto artifacts


listen to the tropics 7" HERE
their first 7" ever. Congrats, dudes.