Monday, June 20, 2011


Here's a treat from some guy that does cool live bootleg recordings. From the Boat Cruise a couple days ago.
It's a good idea. More people should do it.
Click the dick.

This is his website.

Also here's a review in torontos new local paper, The Grid. It covers cool bands like the ones I am in, and also has articles about martinis and stuff like how its not hard to be a gay person in 2011 and the stuggle is over (Did that article stir some shit, or what? That was a bit off the mark.. no? )....anyways.. in othhhher news..

Oh and someone handed me that hat, so i wore it. I wouldnt have been so obvious with my fashion choices to show up with a sailors hat on a boat. Instead I sported a paper thin Hawaiian from ORILLIA!! . Bernie, and Mj Fox were both mentioned a few times that day. Huge compliments in my mind. Thank you. Later.


Anonymous said...

My new wallpaper

Anonymous said...

What about NOW's cover story calling you "reserved" and "well-kempt". What a reputation-wrecker, haha

Young Guv said...

i am..... in f.u interviews.