Sunday, December 27, 2009

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Monday, December 21, 2009

top ten 09

Top 5 Meals I made at 25 Winnifred in 2009/I had in the world in 2009:

I don't really buy records, but I do download them. Besides a few rap records and mix tapes I wasn't all that into many things I heard this year. But that only means I have a bad attitude, can't hear the good in anything, I'm way to into myself.. or maybe I'm just too busy making my own records and hearing and playing with so many other bands live that modern recordings just don't do anything for me!
I'm glad no one else is like this or I wouldn't have felt so loved on the Matablog by making a bunch of peoples Top Ten's with the Virginia Creeper 7".
That felt really nice, thanks for the love..

Heres the list of exciting mind blowing things that happened at my apartment that destroys any music made this year:

1. Balsamic Flank Steak. So simple. Who cares. Amazing. I wanna sleep with one on my pillow every night, and french it.
2. Lemon & Thyme Roast Chicken. Again, So simple. Who cares. Killer. Sundays. Drink Old Milkwaukee Tall Boys or Sleemans with it. It's what beer should taste like. Microbreweries.. Naaaaaah.
3. Drunken Chicken. Aerin of The Bitters brother came over. Stuck some dark lager in a can in a chickens hole and put it on the bbq for about an hour, standing up. Looked vulgar as hell. Tasted amazing. Then he drank the remaining beer with chicken fat in it. I barfed. He and my gf also
had made a 4 cheese Macaroni and Cheese to go with it. I fell asleep on the floor as soon as it was all over. Fat as ever.
4. Lamb Sausage Rigatoni. I read a lot of chef bio's this year. They were corny and all the same. Got some great authentic italian stuff from them though. This one is with peas... it is nuts. Jonah had some.
5. Lentil Soup. Costs like 3$ to make. Includes anchovies. Perfected peasant food.

Top Drink: Candian Club Rye Whiskey. Honorable mentions to: The red wine vinegar in the Hennessy bottle I chugged only to find out it was not Hennessy.

Due to the nature of my life I travel a lot. Heres some cool stuff I put in my mouth:

1. The Hottest chicken wing in the world. Please go back in the archives of this blog and read the china diary. It was the best trip ever. Damian broke out in hives. The actual chicken wing was whatever, but the heat was unreal. This also was part of a meal with incredible dumplings, frogs legs, cray fish, and egg plant. In Chang Sha, Hunan Province. Chillies. Oh my god.
2. The 3 stop NYC Foodie Experience with Patrick, Nils, Adam & Hilary. I ate pigs ear in Queens which was followed with two other food stops that were really memorable. An asian meal, and an Indian resturant. This night was so fun, and I can't thank those people enough for making it happen. I still talk about this with ol' Hilary.
3. Random Taco Truck in Silverlake after some Cold Cave/Smiths dance night in Echo Park. No wonder the mafia fire bombs these things to keep the competition down. These tacos are mental.
4. The Goulash in Slovakia that I got because Josh got. It was so disgusting. It was a bowl full of grease with bits of really questionable meat in it. It was insane. This deserves a mention 100%.
5. Nothing in the UK.


He thinks hes the king of beers but hes just a cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I enjoy food, but last night I made some quesadillas and shat and barfed all night. I'm not sure it was the quesadillas because apparently you can be poisoned 2 days after eating something, but regardless.. the quesadillas did not make the list. I really needed my MUM. Sometimes FOOD SUCKS.

Good bye, Mark Hughes.

Friday, December 11, 2009


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youtube lurking:

this made me 10 grand, probably spent it all on sour keys

hello england. hello RYAN GOSLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



Fucked up's xmas single is out now. On itunes. Later to be released on vinyl. Please take a moment to purchase it. Don't share it. This one time that would be really evil!

100% of proceeds go to the following 3 womens charities:

Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Missing Justice is a grassroots solidarity collective based in Montreal that works to eliminate violence and discrimination against Indigenous women living in Quebec. The collective seeks to consult and collaborate with Indigenous communities and organizations to foster understanding and dispel harmful stereotypes commonly held in regards to Indigenous women who are targets of violence. As a collective, our overall strategy for achieving these goals includes popular education initiatives, media outreach, coalition-building, case work, poster awareness campaigns, research projects, information sharing, publishing and broadcasting, political demonstrations, and direct action.

DTES Power of Women Group

The Power of Women Group is a group at the Downtown Eastside (DTES) Women's Centre, located in the DTES of Vancouver (the poorest off-reserve postal code in Canada). We are a group of women (we are an inclusive group) from all walks of life who are either on social assistance, working poor, or homeless; but we are all living in extreme poverty. Our aim is to empower ourselves through our experiences, to raise awareness, and mobilize positive social change from our own perspectives about the issues - such as poverty, housing, police violence, child apprehension, violence against women- affecting the neighbourhood.

Many of us are single mothers or have had our children apprehended due to poverty; most of us have chronic physical or mental health issues for example HIV and Hepatitis C; many have drug or alcohol addictions; and a majority have experienced and survived sexual violence and mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional abuse. For Indigenous women, we are affected by a legacy of the effects of residential schools and a history of colonization and racism.

Sisters in Spirit

The main objective of the Native Women's Association of Canada - Sisters In Spirit initiative is to address violence against Aboriginal (First Nations, Inuit and M├ętis) women, particularly racialized and/or sexualized violence, that is, violence perpetrated against Aboriginal women because of their gender and Aboriginal identity. Specifically, to increase public understanding and knowledge at a national level of the impact of racialized, sexualized violence against Aboriginal women often leading to their disappearance and death.

As an added bonus, this song feature's many of your favourite indie rock a-listers, who graciously donated their time to sing on this track. Here are the technicals:

Cover Photo by David Waldman:
Engineered by Jon Drew at Giant, November 2009
"Do They Know It's Christmas?" written by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, performed by J. Falco, Ezra Koenig, Bob Mould, Tegan & Sara, Andrew W.K., GZA, Kyp Malone, Yo La Tengo, David Cross & Kevin Drew.


Guvnor's Totally Whack Year End List '09

1. Black Petey
2. Californication, specifically David Duchovny
3. the year end list on
4. where the wild things are
5. Black Petey
6. Black Petey
7. Black Petey
8. Black Petey
9. Black Petey
10. Black Petey

check this out.
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