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bellers bobby manc

welcome bobby manc

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top ten 09

Top 5 Meals I made at 25 Winnifred in 2009/I had in the world in 2009:

I don't really buy records, but I do download them. Besides a few rap records and mix tapes I wasn't all that into many things I heard this year. But that only means I have a bad attitude, can't hear the good in anything, I'm way to into myself.. or maybe I'm just too busy making my own records and hearing and playing with so many other bands live that modern recordings just don't do anything for me!
I'm glad no one else is like this or I wouldn't have felt so loved on the Matablog by making a bunch of peoples Top Ten's with the Virginia Creeper 7".
That felt really nice, thanks for the love..

Heres the list of exciting mind blowing things that happened at my apartment that destroys any music made this year:

1. Balsamic Flank Steak. So simple. Who cares. Amazing. I wanna sleep with one on my pillow every night, and french it.
2. Lemon & Thyme Roast Chicken. Again, So simple. Who cares. Killer. Sundays. Drink Old Milkwaukee Tall Boys or Sleemans with it. It's what beer should taste like. Microbreweries.. Naaaaaah.
3. Drunken Chicken. Aerin of The Bitters brother came over. Stuck some dark lager in a can in a chickens hole and put it on the bbq for about an hour, standing up. Looked vulgar as hell. Tasted amazing. Then he drank the remaining beer with chicken fat in it. I barfed. He and my gf also
had made a 4 cheese Macaroni and Cheese to go with it. I fell asleep on the floor as soon as it was all over. Fat as ever.
4. Lamb Sausage Rigatoni. I read a lot of chef bio's this year. They were corny and all the same. Got some great authentic italian stuff from them though. This one is with peas... it is nuts. Jonah had some.
5. Lentil Soup. Costs like 3$ to make. Includes anchovies. Perfected peasant food.

Top Drink: Candian Club Rye Whiskey. Honorable mentions to: The red wine vinegar in the Hennessy bottle I chugged only to find out it was not Hennessy.

Due to the nature of my life I travel a lot. Heres some cool stuff I put in my mouth:

1. The Hottest chicken wing in the world. Please go back in the archives of this blog and read the china diary. It was the best trip ever. Damian broke out in hives. The actual chicken wing was whatever, but the heat was unreal. This also was part of a meal with incredible dumplings, frogs legs, cray fish, and egg plant. In Chang Sha, Hunan Province. Chillies. Oh my god.
2. The 3 stop NYC Foodie Experience with Patrick, Nils, Adam & Hilary. I ate pigs ear in Queens which was followed with two other food stops that were really memorable. An asian meal, and an Indian resturant. This night was so fun, and I can't thank those people enough for making it happen. I still talk about this with ol' Hilary.
3. Random Taco Truck in Silverlake after some Cold Cave/Smiths dance night in Echo Park. No wonder the mafia fire bombs these things to keep the competition down. These tacos are mental.
4. The Goulash in Slovakia that I got because Josh got. It was so disgusting. It was a bowl full of grease with bits of really questionable meat in it. It was insane. This deserves a mention 100%.
5. Nothing in the UK.


He thinks hes the king of beers but hes just a cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I enjoy food, but last night I made some quesadillas and shat and barfed all night. I'm not sure it was the quesadillas because apparently you can be poisoned 2 days after eating something, but regardless.. the quesadillas did not make the list. I really needed my MUM. Sometimes FOOD SUCKS.

Good bye, Mark Hughes.

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HE THINKS HE NEEDS BOOTS BUT HES JUST A CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

youtube lurking:

this made me 10 grand, probably spent it all on sour keys

hello england. hello RYAN GOSLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fucked up's xmas single is out now. On itunes. Later to be released on vinyl. Please take a moment to purchase it. Don't share it. This one time that would be really evil!

100% of proceeds go to the following 3 womens charities:

Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Missing Justice is a grassroots solidarity collective based in Montreal that works to eliminate violence and discrimination against Indigenous women living in Quebec. The collective seeks to consult and collaborate with Indigenous communities and organizations to foster understanding and dispel harmful stereotypes commonly held in regards to Indigenous women who are targets of violence. As a collective, our overall strategy for achieving these goals includes popular education initiatives, media outreach, coalition-building, case work, poster awareness campaigns, research projects, information sharing, publishing and broadcasting, political demonstrations, and direct action.

DTES Power of Women Group

The Power of Women Group is a group at the Downtown Eastside (DTES) Women's Centre, located in the DTES of Vancouver (the poorest off-reserve postal code in Canada). We are a group of women (we are an inclusive group) from all walks of life who are either on social assistance, working poor, or homeless; but we are all living in extreme poverty. Our aim is to empower ourselves through our experiences, to raise awareness, and mobilize positive social change from our own perspectives about the issues - such as poverty, housing, police violence, child apprehension, violence against women- affecting the neighbourhood.

Many of us are single mothers or have had our children apprehended due to poverty; most of us have chronic physical or mental health issues for example HIV and Hepatitis C; many have drug or alcohol addictions; and a majority have experienced and survived sexual violence and mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional abuse. For Indigenous women, we are affected by a legacy of the effects of residential schools and a history of colonization and racism.

Sisters in Spirit

The main objective of the Native Women's Association of Canada - Sisters In Spirit initiative is to address violence against Aboriginal (First Nations, Inuit and M├ętis) women, particularly racialized and/or sexualized violence, that is, violence perpetrated against Aboriginal women because of their gender and Aboriginal identity. Specifically, to increase public understanding and knowledge at a national level of the impact of racialized, sexualized violence against Aboriginal women often leading to their disappearance and death.

As an added bonus, this song feature's many of your favourite indie rock a-listers, who graciously donated their time to sing on this track. Here are the technicals:

Cover Photo by David Waldman:
Engineered by Jon Drew at Giant, November 2009
"Do They Know It's Christmas?" written by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, performed by J. Falco, Ezra Koenig, Bob Mould, Tegan & Sara, Andrew W.K., GZA, Kyp Malone, Yo La Tengo, David Cross & Kevin Drew.


Guvnor's Totally Whack Year End List '09

1. Black Petey
2. Californication, specifically David Duchovny
3. the year end list on
4. where the wild things are
5. Black Petey
6. Black Petey
7. Black Petey
8. Black Petey
9. Black Petey
10. Black Petey

check this out.
He thinks hes a small baby but hes really a big boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

FUCKED UP Gig Calender

Hey, since Mike puts dates on the lookingforgold blog randomly between playlists of techno, and travel writing, it might be hard for some to navigate back to remind yourself of when the band is playing your town.. There is now the FUCKED UP GIG CALANDER. Yip-ee.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Danielle Nemet is the best photographer in Toronto. Her skills have helped create some really special record covers for Young Governor, Marvelous Darlings, The Bitters - and other Toronto cats like Actual Water, Slim Twig, and Huckleberry Friends. She is great. Check out her blog. I look at it everyday (and not just because sometimes there are photos of me looking really gangster and pimp posted there).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

(NWC) found this on youtube

featuring: no warning, alan riches, ryan gavel, arden condon vallis, caleb cooper + more.

Old times. Having fun. Party time. Always. Nwc.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Did an interview for this young lady. And I almost make sense!

Also check out this photo of an orange cat who chased a bear up a tree in New Jersey.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This is my cat, Luka. He is a russian forest cat. He cost 800$. He is my best friend, and I wish I could spend every hour of every day with him. I recorded a song for him, and the lyrics go like this... 

I dream of walkin' through the door and he's reaching up for me

His kisses smell like fishes, and we're playing hide and seek

The biggest treasure in my life

At midnight its a purring paradise

I wrote this song for you, I don't care, Lukie.

Don't write if the house is burning

Don't phone me if you lose your eyes

I don't wanna hear no talk of home

but call me when the cat dies

The biggest puzzle in my life

is not how, who, or when or why

its even though you shit in litter

you still smell so good

so nice

Why would he ever care where I go

As long as I be comin' home


The song is quite sinister, and awesome and will be an A Side to a Guvnor 7" out pretty soon on Criminal IQ records from Chicago. It is a cool label, but the guy (Darius) is a spurs supporter.. Actually I really don't mind the spurs at all. I threw an OASIS cover on as the bside to piss him off. It rips. 


Some friends of mine in Spain are filming the music video for this A SIDE as we speak!

They are BDSM LESBO'S and quite frankly I'm a little afraid of them!

Check out:

"make it have


lipstick writing on bodies "CUNT", "KITTNES", "CHORIZO", "TORTILLA", "KOLLANDRON" .. shit like that




OLIVE OIL (good spanish stuff, not cheapo american f*****t shit)



UNAI in the video


ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO AN ABUSED/LOST/STRAY cat CHARITY when I make a dvd of it and sell it on tours, when it

gets banned from the internet and my blog and stuff. 

not kidding.. its a great idea

DO IT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That was my over-seas co-director email input... 

Stay tuned for 7" ordering info in the next month or so, and streaming hi def music videos.... and dvd ordering info... all proceeds to cat saving organizations.. not crazy cat hoarder ladies, like I saw on that documentary on TVO a couple weeks ago. Ew. 


shenae grimes from 90210 the new generation [formerly of Degrassi New Generation, which i was background on yesturday and played the BONGOS (TYPE CASTED)] is also going to be in the music video doing disgusting shit (like eating). 

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tales of a Real Life Extra

So, you know that funny tv show "Extras"? Yea, well I actually do that for real. I actually know for a fact why it makes for funny tv... because almost everything about it is hilarious. This summer I was on background for "Scott Pilgrim Conquers the World" (?) starring Micheal Cera (who I am more and more compared to pyshically resembling these days [by idiots], which is both surprising and extremely horrifying). It filmed 3 blocks from my apartment, and I would show up for 11 days straight 5 minutes before my call time and literally sit around in a room at a table of hot chica's chatting about their sex lives. Although my estrogen levels were through the roof after filming, and my period was a very heavy flow that month, I fell in love with background work. The money is amazing, and they feed you and you do NOTHING. It's perfect for between tours, and since I am union from being a child actor and potential teen heart throb who clearly took a wrong turn in life... I get mad doe. Anyways - Here's a clip from Scott Pilgrim, outside the extras holding. This huge faggot*** with died hair and mascara would do acoustic emo shows and I got a couple on camera. I also stole his lyric book and have it in my tour bag still. I also convinced him this girl at my table was in love with him, and she played along. Yes - BG is a bit like high school.. and since I didn't get much of a high school experience back in the day (because I was way too PUNK for institutions), I really got into it. 

"I LOST YOU" - Reid The Emo Dude

"I WANT WHAT I WANT" - Reid the Emo Dood

Also - As I have mentioned a few posts ago I just finished a stunning and amazing stint on a Jonas Brothers Movie. Camp Rock 2. I actually have some prominent shots in it, and I straight up do a drum off with Nick Jonas. It was all really unexpected, and sometimes I sit and think "wow music has really taken me in strange places".. but this one was just INSANE. I won't say anymore, because Disney is probably reading this. I will say that they wouldn't let me tilt my hat to the side in any of the shots because you aren't allowed to "look gangster". Which basically means "don't look black". So of course I would tilt it before they yelled action secretly. Just doing my part to keep myself politically active. Just see the movie when it comes out. Honestly, it's SICK. 

Here's what I wore:
A leather Hat with a feather
blue jackets
purpled hoodies
bandanas tied around my knee (diemonds inspired)
turqiose levis

Here is a picture of myself, and my girlfriend (who played the guitar in the movie in my "band", and guitar dueled the Jo Bros.. A whole other shitload of FUNNY"). 

How hot is that disney tween!!!! MMM! HMM!!!

***I had to use that word. Its just really fitting. 


Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hey, I have a song (track 1) on these dude's mix tape cassette. I have no idea where they live, or who they are. But I sent them the first Guvnor demo I ever recorded a while ago and it ended up on THIS CASSETTE. So Order it.

I guess this is the first of 2 summertime themed releases for me.. I really have to find a new thing to like. I'm changing it to Autumn, as of now. Fuck Summer.

Metric are playing the F.U Halloween Weekend.

Fu are playing a secret show next week. It's with the Happy Mondays at the KOOL HAUS.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Play BONGOS in a Disney movie with the JONAS BROTHERS:


(not kidding. my life is berzerk.)


Monday, September 28, 2009




The Bitz will be playing 2 shows in early November in Brooklyn. More info soon..

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Polaris & Bitters

Wow.. A Polaris. The emails and support from everybody worldwide has been truely touching for us all. Thank you so much. Really can't believe it's real.

Bitters Tonite @ 9 sharp w/ Wavves....


Monday, September 14, 2009

fashion whores

Well, I'm playing a Nike Event in Portland this weeknd with Fucked Up.
And now this..


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

riot grrl

a young.guv gchat exclusive:

Dean: yo check out the "people also bought" for young gov on insound
Julie Ruin  "Julie Ruin", Belle and Sebastian  "If You're Feeling Sinister", Sleater-Kinney  "All Hands on the Bad One". 
Are you a riot girl? 

Tee to tha hee ! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bitz Interview

Sup lovers. Here's a Bitters interview printed in an unknown magazine in Australia that probably doesn't actually exist. 

A: = Aerin. 
The other = Ben.

Breeds of humans. What kind are you?

A: water elf bird breed.

You are a band that are big on the Toronto 'venue party space' scene?

We are a band that are big in every scene in Toronto because we are super cool and have amazing hair. Other scene's here we triumphantly over-see and are the tastey makers of include; "The Weird Fruit Tasting party Scene", "The Super Self Indulgent Brooding Too Many Guitar Pedals Scene", "The Aerin Fogel Stalker Scene with nerds masturbating in the corners of the venue while we play a gig scene". 

So Aerin, when Ben is touring with Fucked Up you can can play without him. He is dispensible? I think that's the ulitmate diss-to be dispensible

A: if ben were dispensable and i could play without him, i would. but the

real ultimate diss would be sharing the stage with a mediocre guitar

player, in which case i'd be worse off than ben while he rides his

double decker Spice bus between packed stadiums and stage dives with

guitars and broken ribs. so i hang in our haunted studio with the mice

and spirits and exchange anonymous letters on the Wall of Bitterness

(and write the occasional melody to keep up appearances) until Ben

gets home, at which point we can play, because Ben is the best guitar

player and utterly indispensable, duh.

Ben do you tell people that you used to be in a band called No Warning who released records with names like 'Ill Blood' on Bridge Nine?

I don't really go out of my way to tell this to every person that I meet, because that would just be weird, no? I'm socially awkward at times, but not THAT awkward. That being said, the name "iLL BLOOD" is genius, and I'm continued to be given hand jobs all over the world for playing in that band by hardcore dudes in basketball shorts (otherwise known as BONER SHORTS). 

Bitters-one of the worlds more popular digestifs, well that and vanilla

essecne.  I like any drink that is made of bark and roots.Do you have a

favourite brand?

A: out of respect for clueless bartenders, i always ask for campari and

soda figuring they'll at least have a bottle somewhere, but they look

at me like they're thinking about things people can go to jail for. so

i'll stick to the variety of unidentifiable bottles that Ben brings

back as gifts from other parts of the planet.

Ben I heard you are a bit of clepto. What is the most expensive item you have ever stolen?  If you say heart I'm not going to print it unless it was a real live pigs heart that you yanked from its chest cavity while still alive.

Seriously, how the fuck did you hear about this? I guess maybe I talked about it in another interview? You actually did some research before asking these questions huh? thats kind of impressive. My celpto days are over after it made certain members of Fucked Up uncomfortable. They thought I might get busted and destroy the bands chances at ever playing in Europe again (which is where I was stealing everything from at the time). I have never stolen a pigs heart, but I have eaten one. The most expensive thing I have ever stolen would be a CAR, or a guitar.... but those days are long gone. 

Have you heard of Unicum? It's Hungarian. I believe they drink it by the

pint over there. There is also Unicum Lite.

A: actually, our next single is a rod stewart-inspired dank punk anthem

that details the secret ingredients of unicum. the single is being

released by an italian label that distributes strictly in japan, and

every record comes with a 1oz unicum sampler.

Captured Tracks apparently are a label to watch but you guys go and release stuff on every other label imagainable except Warp. As Geraldo would say, "Care to explain?"

Captured tracks is ill. Geraldo is jewish like Aerin. Geraldo is hard too. I loved watching footage of him getting beat up or socking dudes in the face.. I forget why he'd do this.. Probably for some political reason that I'd disagree with (but kind of also not really care about).. but you know.. still, entertaining. The reason we put out records on millions of cool labels is being A) we are sick, and B) we happen to be friends with people who run cool labels... It's actually just a huge coincendence. I like to do records with people that I know, people that I've talked to face to face and are friends. People that I know will do a good job. It just so happens that their labels are bangin' (Woodsist, True Panther, Sacred Bones, Wild World). 

Aerin do you call your keyboard a 'synth'?.

A: no, i call my synthesizer a synth.

Besides continuing to be the Canadian Jay Reatard what is next for Young Guv?

I'm gonna start being the Canadian Jeremy Jordan.

(for real, this song is amazing, I really want to be him - if you don't like it, I hate you)

I will start playing gigs one day with Guvnor, and then eventually sign to a big label, get really famous and rich, and have a bit of pee sex with Rory from the Gilmore girls. Wouldn't that be a hoot? 

The song 'Warrior' is anthemtic. Of what I'm not sure? The American Civil


A: warrior is a bit more singular than the american civil war. it's more

an anthem for everyday all-applicable coats of armour, the kind that

will fit people of all shapes and sizes and is irremovable by mere

physical exertion. but, so, it's also a bit of a How To guide on

coming across a person wearing an all-applicable coat of armour, how

to avoid getting stabbed by their sword during casual conversation and


Who is that dude in Toronto who YouTubes himself dancing to songs? Is that a barometer of having 'made it' in the Canadian music industry? Career Suicide can now finally retire.

Haha. That guy's name is Mike Long. I know him from hardcore and punk shows from when I was a teenager. Me and the fucked up dudes didn't really like him, I'm not sure anyone did. So annoying. He was one of those guys with absolutely no musical talent (his band was called Ew Youre A Girl And Girls Suck [not kidding]), but really liked to draw attention to himself by any means whether it was posting dumb shit about people on internet message boards or wearing an ironic t shirt to a show. He's one of those guys that will probably write really ass-backwards snobby music reviews for shitty publications one day. Seeing him do that bullshit dancing on youtube (I would take his ass to school on a dancefloor, and I'm not talking some hipster pogo dance shit to career suicide.. I'm talking sexy moves with babes, legit lover style to some real bangin' tracks) to super trendy awful songs makes perfect sense to me. Thing's haven't changed. That guy is a fucking wanker, and so are the rest of the 'canadian music industry'.. except the people that vote for Fucked Up to win the Polaris Prize.. Those people are beautiful. 

When I hear it I think that this song is made for a music video. Do you have

one? What would you like it to feature. For some reason I'm thinking the he

old dude in Amores Pereors who has all the stray dogs following him?

A: if you're thinking of El Chivo from Amores perros, he's a bit haggard

to be a warrior. and all his dogs die. the Warrior version of that

scene would just be one dog, a boxer not a mongrel, who would be hard

enough to survive til at least the end of the film.

If you were to write the music for the David Attenbouroght Planet Earth box set DVD what part would you like to write. Lava/volcano?

It would be over that scene when the ducks have babies in the tree, and then all the little baby ducklings have to jump out of the tree and land on the soft mossy forest ground and they bounce and look really cute. The recording would just be a solo'd vocal track of aerin and i, with a little bit of reverb, and the lyrics would go like this "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwww". 

Monday, August 17, 2009


More than a couple tracks on this one. I dig.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

the only ones for miles

hey.. p trash just released a marvelous darlings 7" called "the only ones for miles". get it. obviously sick..

also the following guvnor records i am currently finishing at my studio for immediate release!!!!

-call me when the cat dies 7" for Criminal IQ w/ a special B side near and dear to my youth. 
-cutter 7" for Tic Tac Totally
-bedtime stories 7" for Plastic Spoon Records from FRANCE~!!!

also darlings records coming out on PLASTIC IDOL...
- TEENAGE TARGETS 7" (this record was suppose to come out on 2 diff labels in the last year and a half, but both labels have folded.. Plastic idol is gonna do it!!!.. 3 times a charm!!)


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm sorry I smashed you in the face with my guitar and caused some stitches at pitchfork. If it makes you feel any better I have a couple cracked ribs. I tried the Chinese philosophy this weekend of eating the body part of an animal that corresponds with the body part of your own that needs healing... although the ribs were delicious I am still pretty fuckin' disabled. Ouch. I mean, Yum.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hi. Just got back from Serbia. Played a festival with Korn. "Got the Life" is harder than Blood For Blood. I saw the singer eating Mcnuggets back stage. They smelled amazing. The airline lost all our luggage, and then reimbursed us for our hassles with monopoly money. 

After over a year of hold ups, the Young Guv Hidden Love 12" ep is finally out. These 5 songs were meant to be a demo cassette, and were recorded immediatly upon return from the Fucked Up Sxsw Vice Party show where Mike got hit in the face with a florescent lightbulb and then got blood poisoning and almost died. At this party there was about a 2 hour long drugged up talk about recording techniques between myself and Jay Reatard. I came home, wrote the songs in about an hour, and recorded them with all the new tips I'd learned. This explains why the record sounds a bit reatard-esque. However, I think Summer Girl is pretty top knotch and it's being re-recorded this summer with horns and phil spector poser bullshit for a single due out on a label in Portgual. Along with that release will come a 100 page book of art from artists all around the globe. All drawings will be "summer" themed. 

Order this 12" from Parts Unknown Records
500 pressed
The cover is an actual polaroid found on a street in Philadelphia with the face scratched out. Yum. 

Also, the Young Guv ENGLISH TIM 7" just came out too! English Tim is about a pervert from my Toronto neighborhood who follows girls home, and tries to bum smokes all the time. He has a raspy perv voice, and is pretty much a sex-god. 

Order this 7" from Static Shock Records
if you are from north america you can get it from the following distros:
Parts Unknown
1-2-3-4 Go
Grave Mistake
No Way Records
500 pressed
This cover photo is of my neighbor who is a scrap collector named Al. I don't know where that axe came from. He is the whackiest neighbor I've ever had besides the valium popper next door to me when I was 10 years old who threatened to murder me for playing acoustic guitar "too loud", then my Mum fought him and he cried real tears. 

English Tim features Aerin Fogel of The Bitters on back up vocals aswell as Amanda & Hilary Crist from Huckleberry Friends

Here is a photo of all 3 of them farting in a park. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who likes POP?

A new Marvy Darlz single has come out. It is above average mid tempo to high tempo pop rock with punk influences recorded with a les paul junior through whatever amps where at the studio, probably some vox or some shit, and sung by myself and the lyrics are about astrology (p. s I'm a Taurus, what are you?). The B side is a wimpy acoustic song with Mark pretending to be some jack-off-karou-wack-off train hopping wanderer folk fag playing harmonica over a couple parts. JK. It's a good record. Get it. 

Also there is this description from the Bachelor Records site. 
"MARVELOUS DARLINGS - Sleeping like a dead man 7"
Ben Cook (FUCKED UP, CRIMINALLY INSANE, and YOUNG GOVERNER(SP!)) is a pretty good songwriter! Just listen to the other MARVELOUS DARLINGS releases on Deranged Records or Wall Ride Records. This kid has more genius in his skinny body than you in your whole body(THATS RIGHT, FATTY). Except maybe you are the guy who wrote all the EXPLODING HEARTS songs… or maybe not even then(DEFINITELY NOT EVEN THEN! WTF!). Here are two new songs that are NOT going to be on the full length that should be out at the end of summer 09, the first song is a uptempo powerpop anthem, the flipside contains a itsy bit campfire(I LOVE CAMPING)-esque rocker. Get this! Print Run: 500 copies, black vinyl "


Also: Please note the record thats selling under Marvelous Darlings. HUNX AND HIS PUNX. Saw him last week in MANHATTEN, and it was fun. He "had a boner". He kept talking about it. Then he touched me. I'm trying to write a few songs with him soon. I think it's going to happen, I just have to talk to him first. But I think it's going to happen. I hope so. Schwing!

Monday, June 8, 2009


What up 4 people that read my blog! Ok, yea. It was just to post my China stuff and now its pretty dead over here at NO GUV NO LUV. However, I will be posting cover photos to all the new guv singles getting worked out now. There's lots. I'm gonna start playing live with that soon too. Maybe it'll be fun for 5 seconds, then get boring.. maybe it'll last longer than that. Who really knows. This past week I have been an extra on a top secret movie shoot with Micheal Cera... Funny stuff from the my cast of extra's pretty soon... Like really good. Check back. Peace.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Tevez, next?

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hey, so with restless Matt not knowing whether he likes the killer song writing potential of us playerz living in Toronto or the hard to beat California livin' and going back and forth between both places The Marvelous Darlings have had a hard time in the last year or so being a real band. But Mark, Matt and I have still kept up the important and fun part about doing a band and that is writing cool songs and releasing 7"s. So at this moment in time The Darlings are kind of just a collabo writing team that drop hot singles. That being said, here's 4 records that you will be seeing from us very soon.

(full breach kicks)

(bachelor records)
(taken by surprise records)

(p trash)