Friday, March 26, 2010

tales of a background extra #3

You know that show Extras? Well, being on a background set is way weirder. I finally met a goth though. Her name is "Molly". She has no idea who Zola Jesus is, so is definitely a REAL goth. She wouldn't stop reading her book, and hated the living shit out of me, but I think that meant she liked me. We saw Wolfman together, she hated it. She takes her coffee black. She really likes dogs. She hates blonde guys. She rides her bike through a Christian camp dressed as Satan on summer nights when she's up at her Dad's farm. She likes to layer because she hates "feeling naked".

recorded by guvnor

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

leslie makes the best flank steak

how amazing is this guy

Heres an interview i did for an english blog.
England is cool because i lived in bristol for a few years (where they film SKINS and where the Pop Group is from.. i dont really know anything else about the place other than the fact that it is awesome and my cousin is in juvenile jail there). I have toured England with Fucked Up many many times, so many times in fact I started to get really fed up with the entire country!!!!!! However, I havent been there for a while, my family lives in Bristol and Manchester and Surrey and I think I like it again. Mike from Fucked Up is obsessed with the place.. like 10 years too late, it was super rad in the 90's but now all the bands are CRAP, and the fashion sense is even worse. It all went downhill when Oasis started sucking and hipsterdom was born. Coincidence? No. Sorry but its true. The Strokes destroyed England...
I could go on about how modern english hardcore and punk is pretty embarrassing but I'm trying to curb my negi vibes.. Not worth mentioning. Things'll turn around in my homeland for sure! MATE!

Justin Warden - Hold it down, son.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

what about bill

Ok so SXSW was another blur of sun, rain, weed, tons of shows, wu tang, bbq, great and amazing hospitable friends (metz, sikhander, trash talk - THANK YOU!), weirdos... and Bill Murray.
He followed Aerin Fogel around to all The Bitters shows and I even caught this snap of him staring at her ass for like the 4000th time. What a guy. He was great. Really. Bill, thanks for the good times - and you can thank me for talking Trash Talk out of beating you up.. I would never let that happen, budski.

-Ben (or as you like to call me "Benski").



This dude is probably the first to review the bitters LP anywhere.. He's on the money. LP DROPS APRIL 13TH REMEmBER!!!!!

also heres some EXCLAIM mag guv luv..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

hidden hucks violently insane

Ok, first thing before I fly off to SXSW at 3am tonight to play 400 shows, and get an awesome tan. The first installment of the Lathe Cut 7" series presented by myself and the best label ever, Scotch Tapes is almost ready for order. Volume #1 is a one sided very limited lathe cut of a recording I did for Huckleberry Friends. The song is called "Testing". I asked a member of this band what they thought they sounded like once, and they said "the spice girls trying to sound like brian eno". It's pretty accurate. It is cool. Also, lets not beat around the bush here - look at how hot they are. Ha. Look for that at the end of this month, as well as Guvnor "bedtime stories" 7", 'cindys gonna save me" on dirt nap records and a very limited plexi glass picture disc release TBA soon.
April will feature the Bitters debut LP, a new Roommates tape, offensive(?) & cute music videos, and other stuff.

Also - I just got my record player and speakers in my living room working for the first time in 2 years. In the last 2 years I've released a shit ton of records (I wont bother counting) and I seriously haven't heard ANY of them until the past couple of days. That being said the first thing I recorded in my studio was this 12" for Parts Unknown "Hidden Love". I always thought it was kind of a write off because it was just meant to be a demo tape that nobody ever heard and someone said it sounded a lot like Jay Reatard once so I immediatley couldnt get that out of my mind when I heard it, and I hated it (not that I dont like Jay). Well... I just heard it on my record player for the first time and its SICK!! Order it.

Also order Violent Minds records. Angriest band EVER. I played drums on the first 7" (THE BEST ONE). Best band. Also criminally insane are cool too.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Call Me When The Cat dies
Which will be pressed a 2nd time soon due to the fact that it's almost sold out. Thanks !

Bedtime Stories
Pre orders being taken now at South Paw

Travelin' Girl by The Bitters
"East General" Vinyl out Avril 13th. Catch Bitters at SXSW..



Gonna do it!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

east general

THE BITTERS "EAST GENERAL" DEBUT LP available now on mp3.
Vinyl release is APRIL 13th.
Cassettes available some other time from Sweden.


Cover art by Dona A.

The record will be wrapped in a 80's style black porno plastic wrap due to extreme cannibal corpse, banned in Iran (dona's Iranian), art vibes. Mexican Summer were a bit "iffy" on how customs agents in certain areas of the world might react to our strong imagery when importing the record so our idea was to wrap it in black porno wrap. Little bit of an almost censored, tongue in cheek, banned at HMV thing going on with this one. Dig it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


OUT NOW on Criminal IQ!! Limited to 600. Shit is fierce!


Anyone else creeped out by this a little?

Especially the like 6 minutes of dead silence, and just the picture after the song.

Who did this?

A BIT WEIRD , eh? .......