Tuesday, March 23, 2010

what about bill

Ok so SXSW was another blur of sun, rain, weed, tons of shows, wu tang, bbq, great and amazing hospitable friends (metz, sikhander, trash talk - THANK YOU!), weirdos... and Bill Murray.
He followed Aerin Fogel around to all The Bitters shows and I even caught this snap of him staring at her ass for like the 4000th time. What a guy. He was great. Really. Bill, thanks for the good times - and you can thank me for talking Trash Talk out of beating you up.. I would never let that happen, budski.

-Ben (or as you like to call me "Benski").



This dude is probably the first to review the bitters LP anywhere.. He's on the money. LP DROPS APRIL 13TH REMEmBER!!!!!

also heres some EXCLAIM mag guv luv..


Anonymous said...

wow, bill clearly has great taste in women. aerin's a fox.

also, i'm not sure i agree about that bitters review, it mentions beach house. ;P

Anonymous said...

Best video... EVER?

Anonymous said...

The review compared the Bitters LP to Beach House, I think I may buy it now. Great vid but what was going on with that show, was it all media people? It seems like everyone came just to take pictures.

Anonymous said...

that video clearly demonstrates EVERYTHING bad about sxsw. All those boring-ass 'hipsters' and those media people literally swarming like bees.

you guys are awesome though. usually i'd say fuck y'all for playing a SPIN sponsored thing, but i think it was pretty honourable. those guys are gonna be out of business soon, so i see it as 'helping the little guy'.

msc said...

Reviews {RightHear] good advice and Critique
Exclaim mag Guv luv.
love it

Young Guv said...

sxsw= exactly that, nothing else. also, who cares what shows we play, we are still the same people playing the same songs. it doesnt matter. its fun and sucks at the same time all the time! deal with it, have a larf!! peeeace

JF said...

"The New Real Way is another of the album standouts."


TRASH TALK said...

We should have fucked him up.

Young Guv said...