Tuesday, July 26, 2011


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Just did a session at a very professional studio with the scuzz folk. It's next level stuff, and def bigger and better sounding than my bedroom. We got a great deal up there via Steve (god), so I had to be quick and wrote 6 songs in a week, taught it to the highly skilled best players in Toronto (scuzz) and we recorded it all in one day. Get ready.

these dudes are gods

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hey dudes. So as many people know I record other bands when I am not on tour. I don't have very good gear (maybe one day I will), but I know how to use what I have and I'm also big on mixing so I try my very best for bands that want to work with me. A few months ago a couple classy folks from the west end of Toronto, who I guess are kind of a part of that whole Stelmanis/Austra/Pizza Libretto thing going on out there, came to my studio and we recorded some singles for their project ARMY GIRLS. Carmen is a great singer, and guitar player and they basically did all this in one take and it was super easy and not annoying. The song writing is spot on, and feels very honest to me. Check them out. They just put up "The Power" on their soundbook.


Also the song i wrote with Anthony/Actual Water is coming out as a single on Plastic Idol pretty soon. We did the photo shoot for the 7" cover and it looks something like this, except better and more expertly shot by D Nemet.. fookin Tassssty. Sink your teeth into an Actual Priest burger! 10 x 10 !