Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hey Grandma, Slim Twig's Hip Mom, weird dude from Aurora, and a couple weird chicks. Oh, and that super fan from Melbourne. Roommates 7"s have arrived, and are now in my webstore!! GO GET 'EM!!

In other news:
YACHT CLUB is almost ready to be heard. Basically without saying too much, a friend of Matt's (the dude I do the group with) from California has recently had a spell of bad luck and basically fled the US for reasons that can't be spoken of. He had a deep fondness for Matt when Matt was living in LA, and gave matt 6 extremely expensive vintage synthesizer's to "hold on to while he's away", and "make as much cool music as possible with"... So that, we are doing. A weird twist of fate, huh? ..............talk soon