Thursday, June 30, 2011


No Warning played a lot of random shows. We toured the US a bunch of times, but only on our "hardcore" record like once and only got as far as Chicago or something and then we left our van in an alley and took the bus home. I funded the whole band with my acting money for the first bunch of years. When we got signed, the rest were these hellishly empty tours with bad metal bands, random screamo bands, and random nu metal bands. Looking back these shows were terrible but the times provided some amazing memories and insane stories. The things you get up to on an empty tour with nothing to do, and not much to worry about. We had no idea what we were doing and just went with it all. One day maybe I'll write it all down. All the sides of the musical world I have seen from being signed to Linkin Park's label/Warner Bros and touring many places with a bunch of psychos, to being in Fucked Up the ultra indie hardcore band touring the world with a whole different breed of psychos. I just did a big interview with Razorcake Magazine that will come out soon. It covers everything I have ever done, and what I think about it all.. Needless to say, the interviewer did his research. It's decent. Here's some photos of a weird time, but a good one. Thanks to Robin. NWC.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

late records

hey id just like to apologize to the people that are still awaiting records from my webstore. due to busy fu schedule, and then a canadian postal works strike some people have been waiting quite a while now. I will be sending everything off when i get home from my current tour (starting tomorrow) in the beginning of july. once again, sorry about that!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Here's a treat from some guy that does cool live bootleg recordings. From the Boat Cruise a couple days ago.
It's a good idea. More people should do it.
Click the dick.

This is his website.

Also here's a review in torontos new local paper, The Grid. It covers cool bands like the ones I am in, and also has articles about martinis and stuff like how its not hard to be a gay person in 2011 and the stuggle is over (Did that article stir some shit, or what? That was a bit off the mark.. no? )....anyways.. in othhhher news..

Oh and someone handed me that hat, so i wore it. I wouldnt have been so obvious with my fashion choices to show up with a sailors hat on a boat. Instead I sported a paper thin Hawaiian from ORILLIA!! . Bernie, and Mj Fox were both mentioned a few times that day. Huge compliments in my mind. Thank you. Later.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

man overboard

This NXNE Guv & The Scuzz set sail for Hawaii on a Mariposa Cruise Liner filled with the beautiful rich and famous, and one very out of place tattooed Bulgarian street kid. He was promptly thrown overboard like a dead rat (but sadly not before the hungry sailors had their way with his boyish body). The boat only made it to Etobicoke (pronouced: 'eatabigcock') before having to turn back due to Biddle being caught with Moonshine in a Gwar flask that he traded for homegrown mary jane to some Scarborouh Hill Billy named Frodo or something. I got caught twice sneaking on ganja, they even checked my shoes. I hid it in a flower pot by the sobeys and got it later. It wasn't even mine! That shit makes me freaky. So much for helping people. I'd like to thank Captain Pooni for teaching me Poonjabi (foody="vagina"),and Ewan for having a piece of white crust at the side of his mouth the whole time. Also for wearing a black motorhead shirt on a 5 hour boat cruise in the beating down sun. Three cheers for the pale and Irish. People bootlegged Guvnor sets this weekend, so maybe they'll get posted if people are interested in collecting soundbytes. I wont post them unless they are cool like all those Replacements live sets i downloaded once and deleted instantly.
Talk later.

Next weeK:
Fucked Up are off again.. Be there.

Thu 23 Jun - New York, NY @ Terminal 5 with Dinosaur Jr, OFF! Fri 24 Jun - Boston, MA @ Royale Sun 26 Jun - Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church Mon 27 Jun - Washington, DC @ Rock and Roll Hotel Tue 28 Jun - Raleigh, NC @ King's Barcade Wed 29 Jun - Atlanta, GA @ The Earl Thu 30 Jun - Nashville, TN @ Exit/In Fri 01 Jul - St. Louis, MO @ Firebird Sat 02 Jul - Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall Sun 03 Jul - London, ON @ Call the Office

photo credit: MUM

Wednesday, June 8, 2011







(dont do it unless you actually are going to come).

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


this is happening on friday of nxne.. facebook event here
i just finished recording Actual Water's debut 7" "SHES A PRIEST". I wrote the song with Anthony from the band, and sing on it as well. The b side is good too! Plastic Idol (da best) will be putting it out this summer. More info later..

also on the saturday (18th) afternoon we (young guv and scuzzie wuzzies) will be playing another free show with Ty Segall on a huge boat in the Toronto Harbour. BIG PARTY. More info on that later.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


wad up wienershnitzels, i just got back from the beach. ya, thats right. we have one in Toronto. It's where I go when "hipster beach" isn't open (it'll be open soon, so get ready for me to flex on you rival Rocker Gang!!!). Anyways - we are having a release shin dig next Monday night to celebrate the release of DCTL by FU. I am sure most people have it already cuz they pre ordered now get early or whatever, I haven't seen the record yet but I assume it looks awesome. Someone on the b9 board (it got fwrded to me, I do not read those retards talking to each other helz no) was hating on "TURN THE SEASON". Uhhhh.. Hellllllllloooooo... its the best song.. Duh!!

Everyone should come out and have free beer and buy the LP in person with us at midnight on the 7th. Its at a cool gallery in Toronto. I wrote a stupid facebook thing already so I don't want to talk about it anymore really. Go HERE to rsvp.

We will be playing the record at the party on this stereo I just bought from Walmar cuz it makes my back ups sound extra Linkin Park'ish:
If that rival Rocker Gang shows up, I will be FLEXING ON THEM

We land in Toronto (YYZ) from Austin (hippie) like 2 hours before we open up shop that night, so hopefully this doesn't happen (right micheal? )

holy shit!! thats a huge snake