Sunday, June 19, 2011

man overboard

This NXNE Guv & The Scuzz set sail for Hawaii on a Mariposa Cruise Liner filled with the beautiful rich and famous, and one very out of place tattooed Bulgarian street kid. He was promptly thrown overboard like a dead rat (but sadly not before the hungry sailors had their way with his boyish body). The boat only made it to Etobicoke (pronouced: 'eatabigcock') before having to turn back due to Biddle being caught with Moonshine in a Gwar flask that he traded for homegrown mary jane to some Scarborouh Hill Billy named Frodo or something. I got caught twice sneaking on ganja, they even checked my shoes. I hid it in a flower pot by the sobeys and got it later. It wasn't even mine! That shit makes me freaky. So much for helping people. I'd like to thank Captain Pooni for teaching me Poonjabi (foody="vagina"),and Ewan for having a piece of white crust at the side of his mouth the whole time. Also for wearing a black motorhead shirt on a 5 hour boat cruise in the beating down sun. Three cheers for the pale and Irish. People bootlegged Guvnor sets this weekend, so maybe they'll get posted if people are interested in collecting soundbytes. I wont post them unless they are cool like all those Replacements live sets i downloaded once and deleted instantly.
Talk later.

Next weeK:
Fucked Up are off again.. Be there.

Thu 23 Jun - New York, NY @ Terminal 5 with Dinosaur Jr, OFF! Fri 24 Jun - Boston, MA @ Royale Sun 26 Jun - Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church Mon 27 Jun - Washington, DC @ Rock and Roll Hotel Tue 28 Jun - Raleigh, NC @ King's Barcade Wed 29 Jun - Atlanta, GA @ The Earl Thu 30 Jun - Nashville, TN @ Exit/In Fri 01 Jul - St. Louis, MO @ Firebird Sat 02 Jul - Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall Sun 03 Jul - London, ON @ Call the Office

photo credit: MUM


Anonymous said...

Yea! Post some sounds!

Keith Richards said...

Booze was waaaaaay too expensive for this to actually be as crazy as you described earlier!! Still, very very amazing set!! Thanks for playing "Call me when the Cat dies", captain guv.

sid vicious said...


Young Guv said...

id like to apologize for saying free booze and there wasn't.. i was told that there would be, and i guess something got messed up a long the way. all the bands got one free drink ticket, i guess so the people organizing could say that they held up their end of the bargain.. technically.. haha.. no worries tho.. was a good time.. i was glad in the end it wasn't a disgusting drunken hipster fest. chill vibes. good times.

crazycarl said...

what's up with playing lincoln hall in chicago rather than empty bottle? sound in lincoln hall is good... but the bouncers/staff are gonna freak out when people start going nuts. need me to bring you some ganja guv?

Young Guv said...

i think its cuz we've played empty bottle so many times and ready for a new spot.. ganja.. sure dude, thanks!