Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm sorry I smashed you in the face with my guitar and caused some stitches at pitchfork. If it makes you feel any better I have a couple cracked ribs. I tried the Chinese philosophy this weekend of eating the body part of an animal that corresponds with the body part of your own that needs healing... although the ribs were delicious I am still pretty fuckin' disabled. Ouch. I mean, Yum.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hi. Just got back from Serbia. Played a festival with Korn. "Got the Life" is harder than Blood For Blood. I saw the singer eating Mcnuggets back stage. They smelled amazing. The airline lost all our luggage, and then reimbursed us for our hassles with monopoly money. 

After over a year of hold ups, the Young Guv Hidden Love 12" ep is finally out. These 5 songs were meant to be a demo cassette, and were recorded immediatly upon return from the Fucked Up Sxsw Vice Party show where Mike got hit in the face with a florescent lightbulb and then got blood poisoning and almost died. At this party there was about a 2 hour long drugged up talk about recording techniques between myself and Jay Reatard. I came home, wrote the songs in about an hour, and recorded them with all the new tips I'd learned. This explains why the record sounds a bit reatard-esque. However, I think Summer Girl is pretty top knotch and it's being re-recorded this summer with horns and phil spector poser bullshit for a single due out on a label in Portgual. Along with that release will come a 100 page book of art from artists all around the globe. All drawings will be "summer" themed. 

Order this 12" from Parts Unknown Records
500 pressed
The cover is an actual polaroid found on a street in Philadelphia with the face scratched out. Yum. 

Also, the Young Guv ENGLISH TIM 7" just came out too! English Tim is about a pervert from my Toronto neighborhood who follows girls home, and tries to bum smokes all the time. He has a raspy perv voice, and is pretty much a sex-god. 

Order this 7" from Static Shock Records
if you are from north america you can get it from the following distros:
Parts Unknown
1-2-3-4 Go
Grave Mistake
No Way Records
500 pressed
This cover photo is of my neighbor who is a scrap collector named Al. I don't know where that axe came from. He is the whackiest neighbor I've ever had besides the valium popper next door to me when I was 10 years old who threatened to murder me for playing acoustic guitar "too loud", then my Mum fought him and he cried real tears. 

English Tim features Aerin Fogel of The Bitters on back up vocals aswell as Amanda & Hilary Crist from Huckleberry Friends

Here is a photo of all 3 of them farting in a park.