Sunday, May 29, 2011



Ok, here's the deal. I haven't posted anything in a while because there hasn't been all that much Guvnor record stuff going on. It's slowed down a little this year so far cuz I've been working on the scuzz thing, and getting it going for live shows. Which is working out amazingly by the way. Jonah was supposed to record the first gig and we were going to release it but he forgot so it'll happen at the next one. I already have the layout designed, thats how prepared I am ! A weird old man filmed the show, but nothing has surfaced. If you are listening guy with a giant camera please get in touch. Also Fu's new LP "david comes to life" drops next week, and a 70 minute 16 song musical can keep one pretty busy. I've even done a bunch of interviews even though I don't usually do that for Fucked up, and I also don't even know what the record is about. Jk. I have a rough idea. Talking isn't really my thing. Neither is blogging. It works out though because Damian and Mike are good at both. Anyways - A few Guv records back in the works. Everyone will like it. I am playing at the Hard Luck bar in Toronto on July 15th (more info soon). This blog sucks now eh? It'll bounce back. No worries.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011


this show did not!
guv & scuzz live DEBUT!