Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hey - The pizza face below belongs to one of the Huckleberry Friends AKA H.B.F AKA the first band I recorded for one of those lathe things AKA the band that joined Fucked Up on stage at the Opera House this year AKA the girl that sang on Fucked Up's "WALKIN ON SUNSHINE" cover AKA the band that is on their way to Nunavut to play some weird gig then go camping where theres no trees and sun 24 hours a day. Weird chicks. Good people!

They are about to release a 10" of some tracks they recorded at an abandoned warehouse in Toronto last Halloween at like 5am (they had to sneak in to do it). It's all verb'ed out but unlike all the holy grail pedal verb'ed out (they have never heard the Dum Dum Girls) modern indie pop bands this is actually REAL reverb created by a monsterous space in a huge abandoned building that would probably give me allergies. So thats pretty cool. I have a record. You should too. I'm helping spread the word!

Pre orders are being taken now. Preorder Info HERE.

Comes with download codes. Run of 300 copies.

Pre-orders are $10 each: write CHUCK.SKULLZ@GMAIL.COM with "HUCKLEBERRY FRIENDS 10" in the subject line.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

pizza face pre ordder

update: SOLD OUT in 45 Minutes! THANKS DUDES!
stay tuned this summer for an official 'pizza face' 7" release w/ b side on scotch tapes

Hey - So here's another LATHE track that no one will be able to get a hold of because it's limited to 66. Don't worry, eventually all this stuff with be on a 12" compilation and be available to non-nerds but for now I cater to the dweebs and people quick enough to place an order for this kind of stuff.
I'm not sure why I make a lot of this stuff so hard to come by, after all, I do not collect records and would never bother with this for any artist and also really would rather as many people hear the music as possible.... but I guess its just a case of wanting to do something different or interesting at the moment. I figure eventually people will hear it all somehow anyways.. but for now.. Only 66 of you. Ha.

Pizza Face is a one sided lathe 7" with a pizza image on the back of it. The song is not about pizza, or those 90's acne commericals ('people think i eat too many chocolate bars') - it'll probably sound awful on a lathe but its cool that it exists (???).

You need to email to get on his mailing list to which he gives first opportunity for stuff like this.. which includes upcoming Roommates, Guvnor Frisbee 7", and all other lathe cuts (lonely wholesome, bitters, actual water). It's worth it. Good luck. Thanks.

I'd also like to thank Amanda for letting me put a burning hot pizza on her face, and Danielle for taking the photo. I'd also like to recommend Pizza Pizza plain cheese with chili flakes baked in to the cheese, with their BBQ sauce. 416-967-1111. Say what you want about NY pizza or where ever has good slices, and all that.. I don't care, PIZZA PIZZA IS AMAZING!!!!! EVERY TIME!!!


P.S Little Steven's Underground Garage backs Marvelous Darlings! Cool! Hope we get a tune rockin' on Q 107, EH!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

limited cassette tape

Hey, remember our Sonic Youth diss song? Well that whole recording session from ATP festival in the UK last year is now available on cassette (limitit) through South Paw. The story for all those that need a refresher goes like this:

Fucked Up played ATP festival last year, I think it was last year. It was one of those cold, rainy and super annoyingly cliche English days and while the rest of the band were running around pretending to be english, hanging out with music nerds, or getting really stoned in one of the many band cabins or caravans or cottages they supplied for us - Jonah and I were seeking a quick revenge on some shit talk we heard going around the festival. Basically Sandy had over heard in an interview Sonic Youth call Fucked Up "Jock Core" or "dude core" or something like that. She was definitely NOT high when she heard it, so we definitely took it REALLY seriously and decided to diss the shit out of them on a record cuz thats what rappers do and looking around at all the pointy shoe'd english nerds still wondering how to dress after hearing the first Editors record years ago and now trying to deny they liked it and clearly afraid of any confrontation, we were inspired to be just the opposite (COOL DUDES). We happened to be with our friend Ben Raynor. He's a ginger. An idiot (INSERT QUICK LINK TO YOUTUBE CLIP OF HIM MOSHING TO HATEBREED 10 YEARS AGO THAT I AM TOO LAZY TO GO LOOK FOR). A talented Vogue photographer. Drunk. English. Etc. We made him write all the lyrics and sing on the thing. I played drums. Jonah played a 30$ guitar. We all ended up singing together. It cost 30 british sterling shillings pounds, and was done in 40 minutes. The term "Cranking" as heard in the hit "Cranking To Sonic Youth" apparently means crying and masturbating at the same time.

Here are some of the lyrics

You love thurston you love kim
you love art and you are thin

crankin to sonic youth, goo in yer hand! good in yer hand!
crankin to sonic youth, yer favourite band, yer favourite band!

Something along those lines.
The rest of the tape has songs about posh people, the nerds at the concert walking around, and a slovakian grill worker at burger king on the venue grounds who thought we looked like "the clash". Really thought provoking stuff.

Anyways, HERES THE TAPE ORDER IT HERE. The beef is over (never really was a beef, just bored shitless at a festival), and Jonah has since saved Thurston Moore's ass twice by playing in his very shitty, very unrehearsed hardcore cover band down at SXSW this year (this band also featured the long haired guy from Alice In Chains, ACe Frehley with no make up, and Ryan Adam's Sister). It was actually awesome, and Jonah knowing every song (they did like 30) off the top of his head on bass only further proves what a straight up psychopath he is. Fucked Up were proud of their Jonah that day (except Mike).

In other news: I have been recording Demo's for toronto's ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS, and they are the best band in the city and its fun. And I'd like to announce a YOung GUv/Lets Wrestle Split 7" due out in the UK at some point. Yay.


can someone ask their dad or grandfather to lend them some silk pajamas and then lend them to me for a day so i can do my video for Bedtime STories already? Also if you have any leopard print sheets, I need those too. Shits gonna get weird. PLEEEEEEEASE. I can't find that stuff anywhere under 150$ and used clothing stores give me asthma!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hey! So, heres WHATH UP!
New Marvelous Darlings 7" has just dropped on Plastic Idol (Notice thats Mario's 3rd release from one of my things.. Dude knows whath up, huh?). It's called "I'll Stand By Her". When I leaked the mp3 a couple months ago Pitchfork posted it and called it "the best punk song of all time" or something like that, and everyone thinks all this stuff sounds "westerbergian" or "westerbergesque" even though I only really started like The Replacements like last year, and I really kind of only like the Tim record and that song "Androgynous". Anyways - This record is now out, and you can pick it up HERE. The cover of the record is a dude in drag lying on his bed with a birthday cake with condom balloons on his wall and a flag that if you look closely says "Toronto". This image was found at the Toronto Reference Library.

Also tomorrow is the opening of Parts N Labour. A new Queen West venue/cool dude eatery with a lot of potential. Pretty psyched for it. The Bitters will be headlining opening night of both resturant and venue TOMORROW NIGHT (friday!). Gonna pop off. Hopefully my reservations don't fall through so I can eat slow cooked pigs face torriene or whatever it's called. Everyone is going to get really drunk, and lots of fat people are going to get really sweaty - hopefully from the show and the food! Yum.


Here's a couple local Bitters articles that came out today to pump up the town for the gig.


#1 has some audio clips at the bottom. The 2nd one I talk about writing songs for pop artists and blatently talk shit about them. I'd like to add that I really enjoy doing that cheesy stuff, and if someone else out there is looking to make me a bunch of money for writing songs for them and then have me go shit talk them in NOW, I'm totally up for it. JK!! It's all in good fun!! I just hate happy happy friendly borderline fake interviews where people are afraid to speak their mind. I however don't think I'm articulate enough to pull off what I'm trying to do and I just end up sound like a huge jerk... Oh well. Could be worse (actually this is kinda like Fucked Ups Canadian tour!! :). I don't want to talk shit on Hedley anymore cuz that dude put the guy from Len in the hospital after hitting him with a lava lamp or something at the Bovine. OUCH! Also my song only made it to the album and wasn't a single and i directly ripped it off The Eagles (ITS SICK!!!) so it only paid my rent for like a month as opposed to the rest of my life like if Fucked Up actually wrote this.

Here's a fun game: Count how many times Aerin and I say "LIKE" in the first audio clip. First person to get it wins a prize!!

Thats all for now. Another post to prove that I am a huge asshole completed! Thanks for reading, not sure why you do ;)


p.s Bee's and Donkeys are the new trendy things. Get down with them. Don't miss this train.