Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hey - The pizza face below belongs to one of the Huckleberry Friends AKA H.B.F AKA the first band I recorded for one of those lathe things AKA the band that joined Fucked Up on stage at the Opera House this year AKA the girl that sang on Fucked Up's "WALKIN ON SUNSHINE" cover AKA the band that is on their way to Nunavut to play some weird gig then go camping where theres no trees and sun 24 hours a day. Weird chicks. Good people!

They are about to release a 10" of some tracks they recorded at an abandoned warehouse in Toronto last Halloween at like 5am (they had to sneak in to do it). It's all verb'ed out but unlike all the holy grail pedal verb'ed out (they have never heard the Dum Dum Girls) modern indie pop bands this is actually REAL reverb created by a monsterous space in a huge abandoned building that would probably give me allergies. So thats pretty cool. I have a record. You should too. I'm helping spread the word!

Pre orders are being taken now. Preorder Info HERE.

Comes with download codes. Run of 300 copies.

Pre-orders are $10 each: write CHUCK.SKULLZ@GMAIL.COM with "HUCKLEBERRY FRIENDS 10" in the subject line.


Homeless Bum said...

that's sick! Can I please befriend one of you ladies on facebook? I guess I'm more afraid of adding you. You are all so intimidating compared to Ben...

Anonymous said...

Ben is the lil Wayne of indie rock

Anonymous said...

Hbf are so fuckin cool

Anonymous said...

we are nice girls! nobody should be intimidated!

guvnor said...

they are mean as shit, and very scary, if you mess around they will probably bottle or curb you - i feel a facebook friendship is a good start in cracking their hard shells though. good luck!