Sunday, June 13, 2010

limited cassette tape

Hey, remember our Sonic Youth diss song? Well that whole recording session from ATP festival in the UK last year is now available on cassette (limitit) through South Paw. The story for all those that need a refresher goes like this:

Fucked Up played ATP festival last year, I think it was last year. It was one of those cold, rainy and super annoyingly cliche English days and while the rest of the band were running around pretending to be english, hanging out with music nerds, or getting really stoned in one of the many band cabins or caravans or cottages they supplied for us - Jonah and I were seeking a quick revenge on some shit talk we heard going around the festival. Basically Sandy had over heard in an interview Sonic Youth call Fucked Up "Jock Core" or "dude core" or something like that. She was definitely NOT high when she heard it, so we definitely took it REALLY seriously and decided to diss the shit out of them on a record cuz thats what rappers do and looking around at all the pointy shoe'd english nerds still wondering how to dress after hearing the first Editors record years ago and now trying to deny they liked it and clearly afraid of any confrontation, we were inspired to be just the opposite (COOL DUDES). We happened to be with our friend Ben Raynor. He's a ginger. An idiot (INSERT QUICK LINK TO YOUTUBE CLIP OF HIM MOSHING TO HATEBREED 10 YEARS AGO THAT I AM TOO LAZY TO GO LOOK FOR). A talented Vogue photographer. Drunk. English. Etc. We made him write all the lyrics and sing on the thing. I played drums. Jonah played a 30$ guitar. We all ended up singing together. It cost 30 british sterling shillings pounds, and was done in 40 minutes. The term "Cranking" as heard in the hit "Cranking To Sonic Youth" apparently means crying and masturbating at the same time.

Here are some of the lyrics

You love thurston you love kim
you love art and you are thin

crankin to sonic youth, goo in yer hand! good in yer hand!
crankin to sonic youth, yer favourite band, yer favourite band!

Something along those lines.
The rest of the tape has songs about posh people, the nerds at the concert walking around, and a slovakian grill worker at burger king on the venue grounds who thought we looked like "the clash". Really thought provoking stuff.

Anyways, HERES THE TAPE ORDER IT HERE. The beef is over (never really was a beef, just bored shitless at a festival), and Jonah has since saved Thurston Moore's ass twice by playing in his very shitty, very unrehearsed hardcore cover band down at SXSW this year (this band also featured the long haired guy from Alice In Chains, ACe Frehley with no make up, and Ryan Adam's Sister). It was actually awesome, and Jonah knowing every song (they did like 30) off the top of his head on bass only further proves what a straight up psychopath he is. Fucked Up were proud of their Jonah that day (except Mike).

In other news: I have been recording Demo's for toronto's ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS, and they are the best band in the city and its fun. And I'd like to announce a YOung GUv/Lets Wrestle Split 7" due out in the UK at some point. Yay.


can someone ask their dad or grandfather to lend them some silk pajamas and then lend them to me for a day so i can do my video for Bedtime STories already? Also if you have any leopard print sheets, I need those too. Shits gonna get weird. PLEEEEEEEASE. I can't find that stuff anywhere under 150$ and used clothing stores give me asthma!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!


Kim Gordon said...

Mike's such a wet blanket. Jonah is pretty much legend. I love how "confrontational" you guys are. The track is so English. And I kind of have to laugh at the fact that you guys recorded a sonic youth "dis track" and then J was playing drums for the Thurston cover band. It was really shitty? Bummer, I thought it would be interesting, at the very least.

Anonymous said...

$100 is sick! Does this mean they'll have a new record out soon? Hells yes.
Also, have you tried Ikea for the sheets? It's pretty cheap there, from what I've heard! 150 bucks shouldn't even be a big deal for you, though. Aren't you like, some rich rock star?

Anonymous said...

rich rock stars dont exist anymore

lee renaldo said...

i can't believe you did this. I also have a new book out that sucks as much as my free form jazz crap.

Andrew TSKS said...

People who are gonna impersonate Lee Ranaldo should at least spell his name right. (Not sure whether to believe that's really Kim Gordon up there though.)

Anonymous said...

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