Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hin und wieder du, Leute wollen Handel sie ihre Mitteilungen für ihre (nicht zu klingen wie die größte dick in der Welt aber 9/10 Mal wenn Menschen bitten, dies zu geschehen der gehandelten records Normalerweise werden verloren gehen, in den Müll, oder warf sie die Tour van Fenster. Und ich bin nicht nur um Handel mit mir. Ich spreche ziemlich viel jeder ich jemals kommen über die meist immer nur widerstrebend damit einverstanden ist. Sie sind nur zu ängstlich, nein zu sagen ihr Gesicht.

I'm now excepting trades for records for the following things that aren't other peoples records:

TEA(cheers, Russ)
WEED (this is mailable too.. no warning used to get weed (and other stuff) mailed to hotels all the time)
MANCHESTER CITY MOCCASINS (this would get you a bunch of records, also yes they actually make them..COOL EH??!)
INCENSE STICKS with names like "Black Love", "Pussy", "Fuck Smell"(i am not a hippie)
DAVID LEE ROTH'S book "Crazy from the Heat"

happy new year

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Happy Boxing Day. I gather everyone had a good holiday? I did. Drank loads, and got asthma at all the holiday houses I visited with feline inhabitants (worth it though). Here's a quick one because I don't really have anything to say that doesn't have to do with Man City, or a record I have something to do with..

This is the next installment in the extremely limited lathe series brought to you by myself, and scotch tapes. Keep in mind, all these songs will be featured on a (not so limited) 12" compilation later in 2011. The track listing will be:

1. Huckleberry Friends
2. Tropics
3. Bruised Knees
4. Lonely Wholesome
5. Actual Water
6. Dentata
7. Wyrd Visions
+ maybe a bonus track or two

Click here to get #3 BRUISED KNEES.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


randomly found this online when i found a website selling all our stuff... WONDERING WHO THAT 10$ A MONTH IN NW MERCH SALES IS GOING TO? I'd like my cut, so I can buy sour kids at the movies.

this is an EPK that was put together by some random dude many years ago, and did a lot to help us get signed to Warner Bros and sell out the hardcore scene and make a shit load of money that we all spent pretty quickly. Fred Durst saw this and called us "Phat", and wanted to sign us on the spot. hardcore is a mystery to people on the outside, and as lame as it gets it'll always kind of be that way! Keep the faith, and STAY PHAT.

long live the transac

Friday, December 10, 2010

nothing to report

hey I haven't posted anything in a while because either a) I've been on tour and I'm too lazy b) no records have come out since my last post.. and thats all I really think is worth posting anything about c) ive been recording other bands d) ive been watching tevez e) ive been spending money f) most importantly.. working out the live band version for all of this so I can actually play a gig. It's going pretty well. Young Guv & The Scuzz features two gentlemen from No Warning (gavel/jesse) who now play like session musicians for Motown Records, and Serdi from Marvelous Darlings. I've played with these cats for over 10 years now. Eazy.

Firing Squad 7" out soon on plastic idol
married man 7" on we are busy bodies
new roommates in the new year