Monday, January 23, 2012



Ok, last weeks The Grid one of Toronto's weekly newspapers formally known as Eye had a front page article about how Toronto is the best city in the world for music (this story was also picked up by NY times writers/bloggers). I haven't read it because I am not a fan of music journalism really and usually can't stand hearing other peoples opinions on other peoples hard work whether its a discussion, or an article. Sometimes it's cool though... If its funny.
Now, I'm sure the article talked about some pretty obvious popular stuff that Toronto has produced over the years, but to me the exciting thing about Toronto is its young crop of bands. Some are still figuring out where they wanna go with their music, some are writing the odd good song, most have measly attended shows which are far too frequent to be special.. but thats the part I really like about music. I sound old and lame, but watching younger bands grow into something cool is a special thing. Being a part of it in some capacity is even better, so I present to you Actual Water's first 7". A band from Toronto made up of 4 highly intelligent extremely well dressed borderline guido's writing great songs. I helped write these tunes with them, and recorded them but in a few years time they will be writing some of the best pop music (or techno? [without me, as i will be way passed my prime and deep into some terrible stuff]) and will be a part of the next wave of why Toronto is one of "the best music cities in the world"... to me they already are.

Catch them this thursday with the marvelous darlings at sneeky dee's in toronto.. or pick up their record from PLastic Idol.. Or pick up their LP from Unfamiliar Records which also just came out, or is coming out soon.. I dunno.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


remember these?
have some left over from the gig i made them for.
buy 'em here.
act fast. mostly mediums and larges left. 1 small. no xl for now, sorry big people.

Friday, January 13, 2012


yo dudes - happy to announce that the roommates songs from those tapes that no one has cuz there was only 66 made and im pretty sure i have like 20 in my room collecting dust (and value). Well, those are now being compiled on a 7" through the great label Slumberland Records. I've corresponded with Mike (slumberland) a number of times over the years just exchanging kind words about what each other has been up to (he obviously being at what he does for quite a while now!) and I'm pleased that we are finally working together on something. His label is impressive, what he does is all on his own, and hes done some great things for some cool bands. I'm thankful those Roommates tracks have found such a cool home.

I've been busy winning at poker... (not)

So if you are still waiting for your package from the Guv Luv store, you should be getting it soon. I've thrown in a few extra goodies for the wait you all have had to bare. Enjoy.

Apart from kicking off the new year with getting the Darlings stuff going again (new rhythm section which includes Ryan and Jesse from The Scuzz band) I've been deep into a new project with Matt Delong.. who has kindly come back to Canada for the moment to enjoy the charming slush and shitty nightlife of Toronto. Avid NGNL readers will remember me mentioning a project called Yacht Club once or twice.. This is something matt and i have been wanting to do for years now but with him losing teeth in LA and me being on the road with FU its only been talk up until this point. It's not punk, and it barely has any real instruments (guitars are present, and maybe a few live drum tracks played by matts dad). I guess thats all I'll say for now about that besides that George Micheal could def have a good wank to it.

k, later.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012