Wednesday, June 1, 2011


wad up wienershnitzels, i just got back from the beach. ya, thats right. we have one in Toronto. It's where I go when "hipster beach" isn't open (it'll be open soon, so get ready for me to flex on you rival Rocker Gang!!!). Anyways - we are having a release shin dig next Monday night to celebrate the release of DCTL by FU. I am sure most people have it already cuz they pre ordered now get early or whatever, I haven't seen the record yet but I assume it looks awesome. Someone on the b9 board (it got fwrded to me, I do not read those retards talking to each other helz no) was hating on "TURN THE SEASON". Uhhhh.. Hellllllllloooooo... its the best song.. Duh!!

Everyone should come out and have free beer and buy the LP in person with us at midnight on the 7th. Its at a cool gallery in Toronto. I wrote a stupid facebook thing already so I don't want to talk about it anymore really. Go HERE to rsvp.

We will be playing the record at the party on this stereo I just bought from Walmar cuz it makes my back ups sound extra Linkin Park'ish:
If that rival Rocker Gang shows up, I will be FLEXING ON THEM

We land in Toronto (YYZ) from Austin (hippie) like 2 hours before we open up shop that night, so hopefully this doesn't happen (right micheal? )

holy shit!! thats a huge snake


HiddenWorld said...

Young Guv said...

so wrong

Anonymous said...

Your brain is sooo weird. HOW THE FUCK ARE THOSE THINGS RELATED?

Anonymous said...

Why would you have to buy anything to make you sound more Linkin Park-ish? You gotta have tons of old stuff lying around from the Suffer Survive sessions.

Decent record though.

I mean....most of it.

guvnor said...

Nah, we sold all the scraps to Linkin Park for their next record. Try again, fool.