Tuesday, March 16, 2010

hidden hucks violently insane

Ok, first thing before I fly off to SXSW at 3am tonight to play 400 shows, and get an awesome tan. The first installment of the Lathe Cut 7" series presented by myself and the best label ever, Scotch Tapes is almost ready for order. Volume #1 is a one sided very limited lathe cut of a recording I did for Huckleberry Friends. The song is called "Testing". I asked a member of this band what they thought they sounded like once, and they said "the spice girls trying to sound like brian eno". It's pretty accurate. It is cool. Also, lets not beat around the bush here - look at how hot they are. Ha. Look for that at the end of this month, as well as Guvnor "bedtime stories" 7", 'cindys gonna save me" on dirt nap records and a very limited plexi glass picture disc release TBA soon.
April will feature the Bitters debut LP, a new Roommates tape, offensive(?) & cute music videos, and other stuff.

Also - I just got my record player and speakers in my living room working for the first time in 2 years. In the last 2 years I've released a shit ton of records (I wont bother counting) and I seriously haven't heard ANY of them until the past couple of days. That being said the first thing I recorded in my studio was this 12" for Parts Unknown "Hidden Love". I always thought it was kind of a write off because it was just meant to be a demo tape that nobody ever heard and someone said it sounded a lot like Jay Reatard once so I immediatley couldnt get that out of my mind when I heard it, and I hated it (not that I dont like Jay). Well... I just heard it on my record player for the first time and its SICK!! Order it.

Also order Violent Minds records. Angriest band EVER. I played drums on the first 7" (THE BEST ONE). Best band. Also criminally insane are cool too.


Anonymous said...

haha, you're gonna have all my money soon.
Have fun in texas, you hick!


best label ever? i thought that distinction went to whoever released platinum blonde!

Anonymous said...

violent minds are pretty fucking sick. do you know them? it would be fun to see them and one of your projects on the same bill. :)

Anonymous said...

He just said he played drums for them at one point , moron

Anonymous said...

i don't know, 6:27 that doesn't really mean he still chills with them or anything.
but i concur, 4:48 is a moron.

Anonymous said...

they arent a band anymore