Monday, December 21, 2009

top ten 09

Top 5 Meals I made at 25 Winnifred in 2009/I had in the world in 2009:

I don't really buy records, but I do download them. Besides a few rap records and mix tapes I wasn't all that into many things I heard this year. But that only means I have a bad attitude, can't hear the good in anything, I'm way to into myself.. or maybe I'm just too busy making my own records and hearing and playing with so many other bands live that modern recordings just don't do anything for me!
I'm glad no one else is like this or I wouldn't have felt so loved on the Matablog by making a bunch of peoples Top Ten's with the Virginia Creeper 7".
That felt really nice, thanks for the love..

Heres the list of exciting mind blowing things that happened at my apartment that destroys any music made this year:

1. Balsamic Flank Steak. So simple. Who cares. Amazing. I wanna sleep with one on my pillow every night, and french it.
2. Lemon & Thyme Roast Chicken. Again, So simple. Who cares. Killer. Sundays. Drink Old Milkwaukee Tall Boys or Sleemans with it. It's what beer should taste like. Microbreweries.. Naaaaaah.
3. Drunken Chicken. Aerin of The Bitters brother came over. Stuck some dark lager in a can in a chickens hole and put it on the bbq for about an hour, standing up. Looked vulgar as hell. Tasted amazing. Then he drank the remaining beer with chicken fat in it. I barfed. He and my gf also
had made a 4 cheese Macaroni and Cheese to go with it. I fell asleep on the floor as soon as it was all over. Fat as ever.
4. Lamb Sausage Rigatoni. I read a lot of chef bio's this year. They were corny and all the same. Got some great authentic italian stuff from them though. This one is with peas... it is nuts. Jonah had some.
5. Lentil Soup. Costs like 3$ to make. Includes anchovies. Perfected peasant food.

Top Drink: Candian Club Rye Whiskey. Honorable mentions to: The red wine vinegar in the Hennessy bottle I chugged only to find out it was not Hennessy.

Due to the nature of my life I travel a lot. Heres some cool stuff I put in my mouth:

1. The Hottest chicken wing in the world. Please go back in the archives of this blog and read the china diary. It was the best trip ever. Damian broke out in hives. The actual chicken wing was whatever, but the heat was unreal. This also was part of a meal with incredible dumplings, frogs legs, cray fish, and egg plant. In Chang Sha, Hunan Province. Chillies. Oh my god.
2. The 3 stop NYC Foodie Experience with Patrick, Nils, Adam & Hilary. I ate pigs ear in Queens which was followed with two other food stops that were really memorable. An asian meal, and an Indian resturant. This night was so fun, and I can't thank those people enough for making it happen. I still talk about this with ol' Hilary.
3. Random Taco Truck in Silverlake after some Cold Cave/Smiths dance night in Echo Park. No wonder the mafia fire bombs these things to keep the competition down. These tacos are mental.
4. The Goulash in Slovakia that I got because Josh got. It was so disgusting. It was a bowl full of grease with bits of really questionable meat in it. It was insane. This deserves a mention 100%.
5. Nothing in the UK.


He thinks hes the king of beers but hes just a cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I enjoy food, but last night I made some quesadillas and shat and barfed all night. I'm not sure it was the quesadillas because apparently you can be poisoned 2 days after eating something, but regardless.. the quesadillas did not make the list. I really needed my MUM. Sometimes FOOD SUCKS.

Good bye, Mark Hughes.


LSD said...

Here's a nice variation on Coq au vin called Cat au Budweiser, I see you have most of the ingredients, give it a try:

2 cans of Budweiser
1 free range cat, cut into 8 serving pieces, on the bone but skin removed
salt and crushed black pepper
25g/1oz butter
150g/5½oz shallots, peeled but left whole
5 garlic cloves, crushed
150g/5½oz streaky bacon, cut thickly

1. Heat a thick-bottomed casserole dish on the stove, add almost all the butter (reserving a knob of the butter) and the shallots. Cook until just browned; then stir in the garlic. Add the bacon and cook for 2-3 minutes.
2. Turn up the heat and add the Budweiser and the cat pieces, bring the sauce to the boil and then simmer gently for about 25 minutes or until the cat is tender and cooked through. For a thicker sauce, remove the cat until the volume of liquid has reduced. Return the cat back to the pan.
3. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper and serve with chips and baked beans.

Anonymous said...

I was convinced that Virgina Creeper was a 2008 release so I didn't list it. Hector insisted that it was 2009, said he saw it referenced as a 2009 release "on more than 1 blog" so in the end we decided that he must be right. I had already sent my list off to Gerard otherwise it would be on mine too.

Dave Martin

Aerin said...

ben this is amazing. seriously, fuck music, you've found your true calling in food. affirmation on drunken chicken, remaining jealousy on ny food tour. luka is trying to emulate thomas, this can't be good. honorable mentions to delippe's tomatoes.

Young said...

Dave - I read between the lines and saw it there in spirit! You are the matador office's original guv supporter . YOU MA DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s LSD.. That was great..

aerin - im gonna quit music soon, ya.

AN said...

wheres the extreme parties @ m8?

sloppy joes and yogurt

sizzurp and shit

Young said...


Anonymous said...

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