Tuesday, November 29, 2011

pizza face order

Hey, remember this record? it was a lathe on scotch tapes. it was supposed to come out on a real record but Al from scotch tapes apparently got into a freak accident on his fishing boat and cant look at a computer screen without having a seizure. I hope this isn't true, but if it is that is awful and I hope he is ok. Good guy. Anyways - the record is coming out on SP records in Japan. My girlfriend had to endure a hot pizza on her face, so basically this is my abusive nike child labouresque effort. Support it.

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if you aren;t fluent in japanese like me, heres the translation:

"Darling's Marvelous. They are greeted by a storm of praise even look at blogs and / Which record. Everything is perfect beyond perfect masterpieces until the end of 16 seconds to 2 minutes of superb intro I # I was charmed in a short period at 1 I Don't Wanna Go To The Party, released the record so far only school I had a CD that will not get the sound continued every day ...

It is a book that is a single CD collection there. Jacket is a nipple hair, outrageous Korya bomb! Upcoming release of the CD have been added a lot of demos from Toka something Deranged Records, and I understand that, get stabbed in the Japanese edition of Innovation from SP Records What can not wait for no such device Tsu. I use very cheap.

This band, no peace What is amazing what smart in a good way, like a hell of a momentum that comes with the dark. Kolya's so powerful live. Team play is not particularly technical sense (and I Makutsu crisp guitar), but drives like a sense of dreadfulness example tear off chunks and is playing down Guigui! Together in neat or not, I increased the weirdness I also leading to a wild sound. And it just courage but a sound, catchy melodies remain firmly remain. This singer, not ordinary person!

It's the dark is not such a barrage 16. Choi and exhausting to hear about succession. It would be a good arrangement hear two songs each in a single kit.

But as Segond Bakkari music vocabulary arranged in the first half of the course ... A side single, the beautiful melody and energy antagonized # 3 Teenage Targets, with medium heat booming spree # Tamaranu including 7 Shoot The Piano Player. The rest is a group song B-side, like to compete with vocal drone guitar pretend Oh # 9 Careerist, die to expand by changing the rhythm and pattern Twirl, cute but a roar # to thoroughly around 16 Terminally Ill Yarra was. The longer I give up.

Release name The name of the night! But no, the group can make all this music, eh can even exceed these songs yet, they have high expectations Tteiu horror. You would love to hear the sound of their albums in full size built someday.

"Back and forth rhythm of tension and relaxation and a hard drive, sparkling melodies and absorbing the country programs. When hot, the expressiveness of painful shout at Ben Cook. The euphoria they are born together, somehow I knew I would have already.

The 1st A-side boasted a strong impact "I Don't Wanna Go To The Party", is too cool to have an ultra-vulgar shouts Ben Cook's "The Swords, The Streets", with tears Chocho Kirakkira intro and the last shout Gireru "Teenage Targets", like a great intro hints at the beginning of something "I'll Stand By Her", and the rust is too cool for guitar sharp tension "Careerist", yet passionate and smart cool glow "I Want My Brand" I do not have a drill and put out to enumerate, and the excitement of rock and roll me Buchikamashi every song. One unwanted songs, no, you can say all the songs are masterpieces.

The order of the songs are well-conceived with it. The mobo only a single depth, feeling and enthusiasm that love of music listeners to enjoy.
This price is 800 yen and a conscience! DERANGED RECORDS and BURGER RECORDS, thank you and Mr. SP RECORDS in Japan!

I have long said, there is a particular pleasure just waiting sound.
The single family! Determined heirloom!"

More news soon..


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, is Al alive still?:(:(

Young Guv said...

as far as i know. hope hes doing ok! he cant look at a computer so unable to contact anyone..

Richard Bronson said...

what's punks in labour?? I'm really curious about the lyrical content of that one! it sounds like a certain toronto "hot spot"...lol

Anonymous said...

why didn't you guys wait until the pizza was cold to take the photo? That is cruel and unusual treatment. haha

Young Guv said...

richard - yes yer right.. its basically about "punks" growing up to be yuppies/foodies and was around the time that bar was opening and trying to theme it and market itself towards those people. grown up punks. it was weird to have your generation of underground subculture friends pegged by an establishment like that. im not against the joint, my girlfriend (in the picture!) opened it as one of the cooks!.. was just interesting to me. all the hardcore kids are grown up making money doing their thing.. and someone caught on, and wanted a piece!

anonymous - why waste a perfectly good pizza? we didnt want it to get cold, cuz we wanted to eat it duh

crazycarl said...

i want that test pressing bad. tour guv! tourrrrrrr!

Bob said...

Well chuffed that someone has done a repress of this. Means I can fill that gap in my guv collection!

Anonymous said...

yah this is wicked--now i just need summer girl and my collection is kinda complete and stuff.

i love the pizza song. i can finally delete my shitty found-on-mediafire vinyl rip.

Anonymous said...

oh no, that's sad! i want to be diy and anti-establishment forever.But I also hope i don't need that aggression anymore by the time I'm in my 30s too. Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

someone ate some bad roasted partridge

Anonymous said...

was Punks and Labour recorded in 2009 or more recently?