Friday, April 2, 2010

yesturday was a good day

Morning: HBF first lathe series record sells out in an hour with dudes setting alarms so they could buy it at 7am. Dudes on Terminal Boredom get rock hard boners.

Afternoon: Thriller Energy Sue Fucked Up! Aah! Potential interviews with CP24 get scheduled (I'm supposed to pretend I am the owner of Thriller) then canceled as people realize its April Fools Day. The whole thing takes off, and is funny.

Evening: "Punk" Much Music with Josh. Big ups to Devon and Jessica and everyone there for not catching on and being cool about it.

Late night: The Bitters "Traveling Girl" gets played during a high fashion runway event for Betsey Johnson at Liberty Grande in Toronto. Millions of guidos and snazzed up ladies bop to something I recorded on my 4 track. Funny. Thanks to Avery for the invitation! The fashion world is WEIRD!

As a side note, I felt not a shred of guilt or regret about the trickery pulled by FU yesturday on fans and media alike. However.. I'd like to let it be known that when I sent this fake picture of toothless Ben to my girlfriend, brother and mom telling them a wigger pushed me off my bike and I smashed my face into a car and knocked my tooth out and them being such caring and great individuals completely bought it and felt great sympathy for me [(suckers) for some, I let the joke go on all day until they saw me at night]... I felt kinda bad.

Also look at this hilarious white cat I saw today on a white corvette. IT WAS NUTS!!!


msc said...

you are NUTS and I would smack your arse!but you may like it!!

Anonymous said...

haha, you fucker. I KNOW they wouldn't offer you a VJ gig. You couldn't stop cussing for long enough to be on the air.

Also, you are officially obsessed with cats. AND I congratulate you for making the guidos dance. Next stop, Bitters track on Jersey Shore!!

ps. you look really "hillbilly chic" with that knocked out tooth. Sexaay.

Anonymous said...

If you become a VJ i will move to toronto and become your official heckler.

Anonymous said...

i was drunk on thriller vodkas at the fashion show! so crazy i found this blog cause its my favorite drink when im clubbin!

Young Guv said...

im not obsessed with cats. i only like a few really cool ones, and random ones that peep me on the street. im also highly allergic to them and have really bad asthma.


Anonymous said...

Dammit Guv, how am I supposed to get maximum consciousness™ now?