Sunday, April 18, 2010

week in the life

Well, another weeks gone by! Man Oh Man!
This time I found myself in Kensington Market in Toronto! Aka The Venice Beach of Toronto!
I caught a live showing of hippies who'd been exiled from Vancouver. It was nauseating as all hell!

Amanda got so scared of the hippies, I had to phone two hard ass male friends of mine to protect her from the hippies.
Oscar was so enraged at the sounds that he dislocated his jaw while eating one of them.
Then Trash Talk came and beat the shit out of everybody else.
Then we all went and cooled the fuck off. After chillin for a bit, I found this map made for me by Mike "7th heaven" Haliechuk. It was supposed to be a guide for all the things I should be doing with my life in the Year of the Tiger.

But instead all it lead me to was a deer, so I killed it.

Then I ate it, it was gross. Also the wine gave me Asthma.

Then I left this for Mark cuz we should do the next Roommates tape. But instead of recording he flooded the kitchen so I'll take that as a "not right now". Sorry nerds.

So instead I recorded Tropics for a lathe 7" and a single, and then I went to their show and watched them destroy an entire basement and get hit in the head with bibles. I also stood behind Simone the whole time she was drumming and smoked 19 bowls and got hit in the dick with her sticks a couple times.

Then I went to sleep and dreamed I was sleeping with my cat, but woke up and it was Dylan from the Bitters. Gross.

My cat appeared though after a while, and had found a piece of string and he had put it around his ear like a hat! What a WEIRDO!!


Anonymous said...

quite honestly the hardest i have laffed in a minute.

Anonymous said...

love the cat pix. post more.

Anonymous said...

More roommates!!! Will someone upload the first tape?

Anonymous said...

That was actually hilarious

msc said...

Address:Rowsley StreetCity:ManchesterPhone:+44 (870) 062 4141Website: AssociatesCapacity:47726Surface:grassFacts:nickname: COMS, Eastlands

you are funny! take a rest.luv ya
grandma Marion

Young Guv said...

Why exactly did you cut and paste the mailing address and phone number to eastlands, grandma?
I appreciate yer eccentric nature, regardless.

Anonymous said...

those dogs are so gay

Hate Machine said...

Hey 'Anonymous' you're a fucking faggot and if I find out who you are I'll fucking kill you. And Ben if you delete my comment I'll fucking kill you too. Everyone is dead!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guv, I hacked into your comp and I found this

You got a lot of explaining to do.

Anonymous said...

what does that dude's shirt say? something about the ttc in sharpie? he's so hardcore!(;

why were you even in kensington market?! it's full of lame '60s time travellers like those. Disgusting.

ps. the tropics make me burn my bible!

Al @ Scotch said...

tell fosco to get his shit together, stop flooding the kitchen and get his ass recording some roommates... i can't hold these fuckers (roommates fans) off forever!!!

Anonymous said...

guv, i love your wolf shirt!

Young Guv said...

it was a loaner, and its a polar bear.

Bill Nye the Science Guy said...

can i just ask how its even possible for wine to give someone asthma?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The public wants a new Mixtape!!

Anonymous said...

the public wants the Ben Raynor and The Pricks songs. And by the public I mean me, the guy on this blog who keeps asking for them.

Anonymous said...

gotta love "Chelsea" at he top of the table..That would mean they are "splooging" on man u..

p.s "from a great height"..

thats funny

Anonymous said...

Vancouver here, you can keep our hippies, in fact take our bums too.

Anonymous said...

NYC in the house!!!!!
Just got the CAT DIES single and it has not left my record player. nice work Guv!
You should have fought those dogs against eachother that would have been funny. I got $20 on the pitbull. This post gets my praise.

Rasta TJ