Sunday, April 25, 2010

east general cassette

Oh hey. So first this record came out via mp3 a month ago, now it is out on cassette. You would think we would have somehow timed everything to come out at the same time (vinyl is available MAY 5th! on Mexican Summer), but things just didn't work out like that. Who cares! Here is the tape version limited to 250. Printed as professionally and as 90's looking as possible, as this is basically so I could have a copy that looks like the tapes I used to buy at Music World at a mall in Scarborough I used to go to when I was 12. For all you audio nerds out there I think this version of the record probably sounds THE BEST. Say what you want about it, but this is not a lo fi record. At times, this is a bigger and thicker (and muddier) recording than any 500$ a day studio would dare pull off, ya heard me? And it was all FREE!

Release The Bats has released this, and you have to order it from Sweden because that's where they are from. I went there once (or twice?), it looked like Canada and everyone was a really attractive zombie.
Don't worry though, I'm sure Ikea will carry it soon worldwide. Let's hope they combo it with a Daim Bar, or some of those marvelous meatball plates. Speaking of Ikea, my bed mattress was purchased there. The model is called FloorVag. no shit eh. Wowzers.

How much does it cost?
This much:




Anonymous said...

Wow 55 Krona is not bad.

Anonymous said...

i must be really stupid or whatever, but i have no idea what that price means. is KR a currency or something? what the fux, yo?

Anonymous said...

Kr is a type of fondu. They use it for currency in rural places in Sweden sometimes when their dollar isn't doing well.

Anonymous said...

Guv, you almost owe me a new turntable needle. I didn't realize the Huckleberry Friends "testing" record didn't have a lead-in and the needle bounced off and almost hit the platter. Only 99 plays left.

Young Guv said...

Well the next one will literally be a timebomb to blow up yer entire stereo after a certain amount of plays, so just hit me up after that and we'll square things up.

Anonymous said...

whens this wax drop?! obv not today, 11th then?

Al @ Scotch said...

you can get copies in CANADIAN funds if you like in my distro section. i only have 8 copies left... its $8 shipped. paypal=