Tuesday, January 5, 2010

thanks snuggie

I'd like to thank the good people at Snuggie Canada for fucking up over the holiday rush and sending me 2 extra hospital green Snuggies for free. And, although sitting here in my blanket with sleeves reminds me of my dearest Great Grandma Nell (hope you are as comfortable as me) sitting in a bummer hospital, I give thanks to my good snuggie Karma.

8:::::3 ~~

If you want my extra SNUGGIE email MARKFOSCO@HOTMAIL.COM he will send it to you for free 100%. (just kidding dont email him. you couldnt if you wanted to because all the emails he got about the Roommates tape last night broke his hotmail, then he got drunk.)

1 comment:

msc said...

your dearest Great Grandma Nell does not have a snuggies and I don't think she would were one!but she would be pleased you think of her,
I bet you look just danny in yours,