Monday, January 4, 2010


Scotch tapes sold out of Roommates cassettes. Also, the fisherman who runs it is on vacation and stuck in a snow storm in an airport right now. I'm on my couch. If you want a tape, mark will send you one for free because he just got a loan from the Canadian Government for Culinary School this year and thinks he's rich. Take advantage!

Email: with your mailing address, and he will send you a tape 100% free and probably roll you a cigarette and send that to you too because he's fucking bat-shit nuts. We only have like 20 or something so you better hurry.

if you are from toronto and expect us to mail you something (come pick it up from our house), i will send you a bag of human poo. fuck you.

***SOLD OUT! ***
Dont email anymore, it broke his hotmail!
thanks for your interest.

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