Saturday, September 3, 2011


Friday October 21, 2011




+ 1 TBA

9PM - 19+

$16 advance tickets @ Rotate This & Soundscapes
available now at Ticketweb:

The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern
370 Queen Street West - Toronto

Facebook event here.

A Guv 10" called "Where it's quiet" is coming out on Gerard's label, 12xU from Austin Tejes.
It has a sexy cover. It features most of the Scuzz band, which will bring us to the next release which may or may not be a full length LP, full band, big studio vibes.. Not recorded in a practice space, basement, or my bedroom.. Ie.. THE NEXT LEVEL. Working on it now. haha.

And something a lot of people have probably been waiting for... A Marvelous Darlings singles compilation release. In ALL formats. First it will be a cassette. Then an LP. Then a CD (with bonus stuff like all the songs we recorded with a drum machine as demos.. which actually sound amazing). And also a release in Japan because i want a release with all Japanese writing on it. More on that .. very soon. 16 songs, singles with b sides with a cool layout of marvelous Mark NAKED... I listened to them all back to back for the first time after compiling these and I must say.. That was a damn fine band.

Forza Mancini. Skinhead.


Tim said...

Was? Does the past tense indicate that Marvelous Darlings are no more? No more new record, only the singles comp?

Young Guv said...

..who knows.

Bob said...

Reunion tour!

Young Guv said...

matt lives illegally in america, so one day when he sorts that out and is able to come home to canada ever.. or tour.. then ya, probably other records and maybe a tour.. it never really ended.. just stopped, we'll see! still love that band.

StijnDC said...

Nice !
Just wondering cd's are still alive ?
Good news for all of us 90's kids !

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love records but I'm happy about CDs too. I may have to get my hands on the Japanese release, too.

MSC said...

yes that was a very Fine Band

Johnny Big Potatoes said...

Gig.Europe. ?
We're patient, maybe in a few years ?

Young Guv said...


Johnny Big Potatoes said...

Awesome,if Flanders is included I recommend The Pits in Kortrijk (a max. of about 120 people, but it's "cosy") or CC Mechelen (old church, obviously great acoustics).
I don't know about boats here,sorry.

Greg said...

Very stoked about the Marvelous Darlings comp. A+ band.

Keith said...

Done, awesome lineup.

Anonymous said...

Please, please make those HBF records happen!! Those galz creep me out and it feels so right.

Young Guv said...

HBF next 7" is in the works.. ya.