Tuesday, August 10, 2010


hello YALL. So for 4 days i've been sitting in a 4th floor apartment ("FLAT") in London (TOWN) shitting my stomach out and barfing up the remnants of bacteria I accumulated from brushing my teeth with Russian water.. even though I really think it was a rancid smoothie I got when I landed back in the UK. Anyways. I've missed 3 FU shows in a row trying to get better, bouncing back today. Just ate a bacon sandwich ("SARNIE"). My entire family comes from this part of the world, and I used to live in Bristol but I can honestly say the quality of food in this country is the worst in the 1st world that I know of. It's embarrassing and I'll say it again "Fuck England". Thanks again for trying to kill me. I hate you. (love you nana, dee, justin, lindsay). I'd love to say I won't be back soon, but I'll be back in October on some whack as$ punk tour, but its short so I'll just hold my breath and eat my hair.
Anyways - Venting is over. Time for something positive (with a little smack talk and honesty on the side!)..

NUMERO 2 in the GUVNOR/SCOTCH lathe 7" series is out today. Tropics "WILD LIFE" 7". Very limited. The follow up to the babe stacked HBF "testing" 7" which has secured them a future 7" on Plastic Spoons from PARIS (and more).

Tropics is a band I've been fond of for a while especially once I started to record them. They are the best duo around, and the craziest thing - NO ONE KNOWS!!! Full respect to all the other hippie hipster duo types out there, but you don't ROCK. you SUCK. seriously.

Composed of two mates of mine Max (Slim Twig) & Simone TB (featured on Guvnor BEAT OF MY HEART 7" out soon). I've since recorded 2 super tight 7"s for tropics and am trying to get them out there, but since they are kind of unheard of outside of Toronto and are super original and cool sounding most labels are too pussy to touch it.. but we'll work it out. This band is one of the best in Toronto, and I'm happy to be a part of it in some capacity. Respect.


Robin said...

i landed in London for the first time in my life last year. it was a stop on my trip to Ireland just to change planes. I had a tough time finding my way around that silly airport/mall/abandon builds with stairs. Also i had no plane number on my paper i printed to so it was hard. but it London pissed me off. just thought I'd share.

Sucks you're Sick, hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

If you've been to Russia, it's probably just radiation sickness

Bob said...

Good thing fu has two other guitar players. Tropics are sick. Big ups. You can fast while you're in England/Russia next time?? Good luck!

Anonymous said...