Thursday, August 26, 2010

reviews/hav a nap bitters

i dont read reviews, or follow up on any records i put out. i dont read magazines or msg boards (except this one), or pitchfork or stereogum or fader music or whatever... what I'm trying to say is I stay away from it all because its pretty evil, and maybe you should reconsider how you spend your time!!!! (jk! do what you want! Also your reading THIS blog so DEFINITELY reconsider your use of time??)... Anyways, someone sent me some nice things that were said about a couple records this past summer and although I don't get any of the references because I don't really listen to music except for Tom Petty and Boyz 2 Men, i'll post it here where I post most things that make me feel good and boost my ego. Cheers!

From Terminal Boredom..

Young Governor "Call Me When The Cat Dies" 7"
For those of you not paying attention, Young Guv is Ben Cook's solo project, the guy who also plays like fifth guitar in Fucked Up, does The Bitters thing and once fronted moshcore superstars No Warning. Where the guy finds the time, I have no idea. Under the YG name he's released a slew of singles/EPs over the past year which gained some critical acclaim and which I've somehow managed to miss. Go figure. "Call Me..." is a pretty impressive frantic punker with a Sage-like anthemic downer quality and some neat sounding guitar whoosh-effect. Good stuff. B-Side is actually an Oasis cover ("Fade Away") given the lo-fi mod-boy treatment. In a further fit of Anglophilia, Manchester City midfielder Stephen Ireland is thanked on the sleeve. Not bad for one-man-bedroom-banding, at least he doesn't sound like a nutless Cure fan crying onto his four-track. Scum stats: 600 copies.(RK)
(Criminal IQ //

Young Governor “Bedtime Stories” 7”
"Bedtime Stories" is what happens when yer Blank Dogs awkward bedroom pop lies out in the sun too long and melts on top of some mid-period Replacements-style Westerbergedness…a long n’catchy track that kinda’caught me off guard. I actually think I dig it. A lot. No reverb’d or f/x damaged vocals…all the snot is up front; blown and fucked au natural. "The Cutter" on the flip punx it up quite a bit more. Faster and louder. Like a mechanically tight yet slop-twin to the Useless Eaters. The break in the chorus brings Adam Ants’ "Zerox Machine" to mind, and that’s a plus in my book. I’ve played it a dozen times this past week and I’m still feeling it. Now what? Do I have to go buy all the other releases? Damn…Unsolicited fun from the folks over at Southpaw. Thanks!(RSF)
(Southpaw Records //

ALSO!! HOLY SHIT! I almost forgot!

This came out! Click the cover to order! It's pretty fierce and quite different than the LP. Theres synths, strings, low male voices, weird drop guitar tunings like soundgarden that I will never remember and made up on the spot, so will never play any of these songs live because its actually impossible and... well, its a stoner record right down to the fact that I couldn't remember how to play any of these songs if you paid me (Aerin can probably though, and she can't even play guitar!). Check it if its your thing! (or download it for free somewhere, who cares).


Anonymous said...

chyeeeah, chyea, chyeea!! DIPSET!

Anonymous said...

Do you really need anything to boost your ego?

Anonymous said...

Can I just get that record at a store in Toronto? And does this mean the bitters will be playing live soon?

guvnor said...

1. Yes
2. Probably soon, maybe not
3. Nope!