Friday, May 21, 2010

Hey so I'm back from tour. Check out this porno I "acted" in back in the winter. It also features a couple ladies who came from one egg that was fertilized to form one single zygote and then got divided into two separate hosers. You may also know them from their debut lathe cut on scotch tapes that is now the hardest record to find of 2010.
I also recorded and sang the Ritchie Valens song you hear. Enjoy! Big ups Danielle Nemet. Ha.

THE FRILL OF THE HUNT from Danielle Nemet on Vimeo.

Also.. BITTERS VIDEO if you havent seen it yet.. It's been posted all over the internet for like a week now. I'm late on this, i know.

The Bitters - Travelin' Girl from Mexican Summer on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

That's so cute, I didn't know you're in a band with your big sister.

Anonymous said...

Ben, you are such a great actor, I'm not being sarcastic!
I should also note, I think I'm officially a lesbian. Wow. HB Friends records, please! (:

Anonymous said...

BiG sister? What?

msc said...

Ben that is realy good,

msc said...

The Bitters "traveling girl is"
loved it

Al @ Scotch said...

i think we may be responsible for like 7 of the hardest to find records of 2010 as the year rolls on... i can see pitchforked mobs in our future...