Thursday, February 18, 2010


so i was hanging out today at the matador office and dean from true panther (look for a bitters 7" on this label by spring/early summer) mentioned a frizbee 7" or something like that, so I straight up copped the idea or took his advice, I really can't remember because I cant really fully listen when im sweating (I was hot, had too many layers of tour filth on)..


YOUNG GOVERNOR 7" CARVED INTO A FRISBEE OUT FOR SPRINGTIME! LOOK OUT FOR THAT ON SCOTCH TAPES AS PART OF THE GUVNOR/SCOTCH TAPES LATHE CUT SERIES! Also will be featuring tracks I record at my place by Huckleberry Friends, Tropics, Bruised Knees, Bitters, Lonely Wholesome + MORE. All stuff that is virtually unknown outside of Toronto from younger people I share a studio space with.

Huckleberry Friends "TESTING" will be the first lathe cut of our 7" series. Volume 1.
Carved into a picnic plate. All this stuff will be super limited cuz this type of shit is pretty awkward to get made. More on this later. I would recommend ordering these as soon as you hear about them. They will go fast becuz a) the songs are awesome and b) they are cut into whacky shit that people want to collect and/or eat off of (or throw in the air for their dogs).

heres a cute picture of me last year playing frizz!!


Anonymous said...

Anyone know where I can torrent "Couple Tracks"? I was gonna buy it on vinyl but P4k only gave it 6.4

Young Guv said...

Couple Tracks Torrent Fast Speed.. There ya go, should work.

Ack Ack Ack said...

Excellent reply.

Fiorentina was robbed again.

I like frisbeezzzzzzzz.

Anonymous said...

Nice try Gov. You know I was kidding right? I already got a good site has all the good shit.

Anonymous said...*

Anonymous said...

you win this time