Thursday, December 15, 2011

lifestyles of the tasteful

actual water shes a priest 7" coming very soon

also here is a short interview i did about SPORTS


Anonymous said...

I was half looking out for when single life came out on vinyl and have only just noticed it's available now... just bagged one in lovely blue vinyl

Kim Jong-il said...

are you serious about the propaghandi album? It seems like you have so many imitators, its hard to know if its you hahaha

Young Guv said...

what are you talking about?

No Guv No Muff said...

Yeah, Propagandhi is releasing a new album.
And no, it's not a certainty yet that it will be the best thing to happen in 2012.
But very likely it will be.
Also Fake Guv is funny and it's got to stop.

Beef up, Chris Hannah's butcher.