Monday, October 11, 2010


You'll notice now at (AKA Mike's Mind) you get these weird little pretentious foodie recommendations or subtle references to fine dining or whatever even though dude doesn't eat meat and hates onions (WHACK!!!!! Jk, kinda). So over here in the kindergarten (AKA, WAY FUNNER) of blogs you get a little good old boy canadian greasy CHIPPY ACTION (even though my entire gang of homies are fine dining chefs and my roommate (OF THE ROOMMATES aka BEST SONGS OF 2010 NO ONE HAS HEARD) works 60 hours a week at Toronto's best restaurant and chef/food/cooking/kitchen talk is literally all I'm ever around (drives me bonkers a little) unless I am on tour with Fucked Up in which case all you ever hear about is Weed, Twitter, Patrick Amory, Matador, Wavves, Sandy making no sense, or Jonah getting his balls busted for being way more jacked than the rest of the band [all of which also drives me bonkers but without the tasty results]... I'm keeping it real here).

HIGHWAY 48, BABES. Get in your Camaros and Firebirds, I'll see you there!

p.s I love using brackets (o)(o)

pps im not really this into chip trucks, im just kind of taking the piss and also I feel a bit sick right now from eating at one but that first 5 minutes is pure pleasure, EH!!!!!

and yes.. as for non bullshit stuff.
these are due for you to listen or watch soon by the end of the year max....
guvnor firing squad 7"
marvelous darlings live 12"
firing squad music vid
bedtime stories music vid
guvnor/lets wrestle split 7"
guvnor beat of my heart 7"
guvnor pizza face 7" (official/not a lathe version)
bruised knees lathe 7"
lonely wholesome lathe 7"
actual water lathe 7"
dentata lathe 7"
wyrd visions lathe 7"
marvelous darlings "i hate rock n roll" 7"
roommates "If" tape #3
huckleberry friends debut 7"
(all non guv projects produced/recorded by me at 388 Carlaw.. all quality stuff!)

Also it has been brought to my attention that my lathe series things aren't actual lathe's or something, and lathes are other kinds of floppy flexi type records and whatever.. So.... I'm just gonna keep calling it this.. cuz I don't care what it is. All I know is that its floppy, its cut by a lathe maker, Al from Scotch tapes calls it a lathe, and the quality sounds like hipsters in a time machine filtered through a 1930's gramophone. Btw, How good was CARNIVALE?


Anonymous said...

nice...we need some tunes n videos!

Katy Perry said...

Fuck yes. I've been to that one on highway 48. I'm also a white trash girl who loves her some camaros though. I find lookingforgold too "literary". ;)

Anonymous said...

looking for gold is just some dudes diary that plays in fucked up. fucked up is a weird band in the way that all the interviews are done by pink eyes and all the internet presence is by the other guy the other members are never spoken for it seems which is why i read the guv blog

Keith said...

Bob De Niro said...

You best not be dissing Carnivale. That photo of Al Pacino is super homoerotic. Which movie is that? Or is that not from a movie?

Anonymous said...

how is he dissing carnivale by saying how awesome it was and that pic is from a pacino movie where he goes undercover in gay bars to catch a serial killer cool movie hahahaaaa

lee said...

they need to let us in to canada

GUV said...

yes they do bro