Monday, June 8, 2009


What up 4 people that read my blog! Ok, yea. It was just to post my China stuff and now its pretty dead over here at NO GUV NO LUV. However, I will be posting cover photos to all the new guv singles getting worked out now. There's lots. I'm gonna start playing live with that soon too. Maybe it'll be fun for 5 seconds, then get boring.. maybe it'll last longer than that. Who really knows. This past week I have been an extra on a top secret movie shoot with Micheal Cera... Funny stuff from the my cast of extra's pretty soon... Like really good. Check back. Peace.


natasha said...

michael cera, what a dreamboat. were you a stunt double for him?

msc said...

keep going with your news machine never boring

Aerin said...

hello, i am reading yr blog again. im back on the crowded bandwagon.
keep up the good work, try not to get kicked out of the skyedome next time. oh, sorry, rogers center.

Anonymous said...

dude, no one reads this blog except me, you, and my grandma. it's sad. but i like it.