Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hey, so with restless Matt not knowing whether he likes the killer song writing potential of us playerz living in Toronto or the hard to beat California livin' and going back and forth between both places The Marvelous Darlings have had a hard time in the last year or so being a real band. But Mark, Matt and I have still kept up the important and fun part about doing a band and that is writing cool songs and releasing 7"s. So at this moment in time The Darlings are kind of just a collabo writing team that drop hot singles. That being said, here's 4 records that you will be seeing from us very soon.

(full breach kicks)

(bachelor records)
(taken by surprise records)

(p trash)


BB said...

What about the Teenage Targets single?

msc said...

that is good news, glad to see the Darlings are in the loop again,

Young said...

Oh yea, that too. i'll add it.

Anonymous said...

when is the young guv 12" on PU coming out?

Young said...

It's at the pressing plant now. Awaiting test copies. This summer. Real soon. I've been promised. Been a while, eh?

Anonymous said...

Hi thr, thanx a lot for this article .. This is exactly what I was lookig for.